Google’s Pixel Event, Andromeda OS: Everything You Need To Know About The Powerful New OS And Why It Could Be A Game Changer

If you’ve been feeling like a second-class citizen while using Android, Google may have just resolved all of your complaints. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but Andromeda OS may still address some of the big issues with its Android ancestors.


Google is expected to unveil this mighty operating system tomorrow during its Pixel and hardware event, and there may be other developments in the running as well. Word has it there is also an Android tablet coming that is 100 percent made by Google, which could definitely be a game changer. Here’s a look at what might come out of both Andromeda and the Pixel event tomorrow.

Google Home

Techcrunch speculated that Google Home might be unveiled during Pixel. This helpful technology has been rumored to be in the works for the past few months. It’s essentially Google’s answer to Amazon Echo, the handy speaker with a mobile assistant inside. Home may also have the power to connect to Bluetooth and wifi-enabled light bulbs and turn them on or off with a simple “OK, Google.”


Google WiFi

Phandroid suggested that we could see Google WiFi at Pixel as well. Though the name may sound lackluster, this isn’t your typical router. Instead of using one router for the entire house or structure, Google WiFi covers an entire area using multiple devices. What this means is that you don’t have to fight your router for extended WiFi coverage. While not necessarily a game-changer, it could definitely resolve headaches for a lot of homeowners.

Andromeda OS

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: a new OS for a new Google. As USA Today found, Andromeda OS will more seamlessly integrate mobile and desktop environments to make them feel like one. If Google follows in Microsoft’s footsteps, that could mean the new OS will have a more “tablet-esque” feel to it. Some advantages of this are that games can play across devices, and information more easily syncs from place to place.

On the mobile end, Android’s Chrome users have been feeling left out due to not having extensions for their mobile browser. Could Andromeda solve that small yet inconvenient issue?

Chrome Meets Android

Fossbytes pointed out that Andromeda would have Chrome OS features inside the Android OS. With that in mind, it would be likely we’d see another OS where everything is internet or cloud-based. In other words, the capability of local music might be replaced for cloud-based streaming, or we could see texts scrapped in favor of Hangouts messages.

Chrome OS also has other features that Android currently lacks. Some of these include a profile system that lets you share your device without mixing content, and virus protection that updates automatically. Andromeda may very well bring some of these features to Android devices as well.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL

The Pixel event may also bring new phones into play. The Pixel and Pixel XL will have slightly different screen specs, with the former coming in at about 5 inches and the XL at 5.5 inches across. The new Pixel phones boast of Smartburst, a feature that captures action shots as they’re happening.

The new phones also come with special USB chargers that can add up to 7 hours of battery in minutes. This could be a huge deal given how upset Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 owners are over epic features that consume a lot of battery. Additionally, Andromeda will bring back several useful features from Android Marshmallow, including:

  • Doze, which detects when your phone’s not in use and automatically “sleeps” your screen. This nap can give your phone better battery life and increase security as it’s more difficult to keep unlocked.
  • Google Photos, an app that automatically catalogs and backs up photos to the cloud. In essence, your photo storage becomes nearly limitless thanks to Photos.
  • Google Allo, the personal assistant/messaging app whose purpose is strange yet awesome. Allo lets users engage in chats directly with Google, so you can look up info and send it to friends without interrupting a chat.

Pixel phones will also have Live Cases, which are even cooler than they sound. These cases use images from Google Earth and Google Trends to create unique cases that will be the envy of your Apple-eating friends. Additionally, each case has its own live wallpaper associated with it that displays stunning images from around the world or trending image searches.

Google Pixel Andromeda OS
Andrew Bowers, Google's Director of Product Management, discussing the Google Pixel C tablet at an event, September 29, 2015 [Photo By Tony Avelar/AP Photo]

Tuning In

If you want to watch the events of Pixel as they unfold, CNET mentions that you can live stream it on YouTube. Android Central guessed that Andromeda might add a traditional desktop like the one from Chrome OS, and it could have right-click support as well. Reports have surfaced noting that Andromeda is being tested on the Nexus 9 model, so it’s not far-fetched that a Nexus with Andromeda might be in the works.

Google Pixel Andromeda OS
The Google Pixel C tablet on display at an event in San Francisco, CA, September 2015. [Photo By Tony Avelar/AP Photo]

On the other hand, Google could be trying to kill off its Nexus line and pave the future with Pixel and Pixel XL. In a world where Chrome OS and Android are playing nicely together, does the old Android software matter anymore? Only time can tell.

[Featured Image by Tony Avelar/AP Images]