Gigi Hadid Remains Supportive As Zayn Malik’s Anxiety Is Increasing: The Former One Direction Singer Pushes Back Tour Dates To 2017

Zayn Malik has not had a live performance in months and has avoided scheduling more dates until he feels more confident. He plans to postpone the rest of his tour until 2017, simply because he can’t do it right now.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are facing their life challenges together. Even though Malik is obviously suffering tremendous struggles from within, his love for Gigi is obvious. Gigi remains loving and supportive.

Gigi Hadid brought Zayn with her to the Paris Fashion Week. Malik and Hadid are managing to have a good time, despite Mr. Malik’s deepening anxiety. Malik also attended New York Fashion Week with Miss Hadid. Zayn was also along for the London Fashion Week, where he seemed far more relaxed.

Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction, is really struggling to overcome his severe anxiety, a source told The Daily Star.

“Zayn is still really struggling with his anxiety. The thought of going on a full world tour fills him with dread. Even a one-off TV appearance is unlikely at the moment. Zayn has been working hard to get control of his fears and obviously wants to perform live. But at the same time he doesn’t want to let anyone down by announcing dates and then canceling them. He’s feeling a lot of pressure to perform and feels much more comfortable in the studio.”

Gigi Hadid has struggled to rebuild Zayn Malik’s confidence and soothe his shattered sense of well-being. Still, Despite Miss Hadid’s best efforts, Zayn is obviously suffering in ways that’s hard to imagine.

Were his One Direction shows stressful for Malik as well? One has to wonder. Zayn has always suffered occasionally from anxiety. Did Zayn really endure feelings of extreme anxiety the whole time, only to have them worsen even more?

“Unfortunately the anxiety that has haunted me throughout the last few months around live performances has gotten the better of me. I have suffered the worst anxiety of my career.”

Zayn Malik was visibly uncomfortable on the New York streets during the New York Fashion Week. Many of the photos from that trip show him looking a bit fearful, just walking down the street. London looked a lot more comfortable for him, but London is home for him.

Gigi Hadid is very concerned but determined to see Zayn through his fearful time. Gigi is trying to comfort him and make him feel secure again.

Zayn Malik by Star Max 2 AP Images c
Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid [Image by Star Max 2/AP Images]

While Zayn Malik does have other career options and interests. He is co-producing a television show called Boys, and he has written a book about his life. He also has no problem making studio albums, but touring is by far the most profitable venture.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have a very special relationship. Gigi is not pushing Zayn in any way, but Malik’s pressure is coming from within. Mr. Malik doesn’t really need the money, not yet, but eventually he will want to return to work. He desperately wants to perform, but he is afraid. Stage fright is a very real problem, but Zayn’s problems appear to run much deeper than that.

Financially, Zayn Malik is losing a lot of money by not going on tour. Making albums is not really very profitable at all, even if they sell. Touring is the way musicians make their money. The memorabilia they sell, all those T-shirts and hats add up to a lot of money, but it can’t happen if Zayn cannot make himself take the stage. The Star’s source explains the potential financial loss involved.

“Not only will Zayn miss out on millions from lost tour earnings but his album sales will suffer if he’s never able to perform. A musician not able to perform his music is risking his career.”

Gigi Hadid and Zayn are dealing with a problem that is growing. It goes beyond the aspects of lost revenue or even lost a career though those problems are quite real. Mr. Malik is obviously in pain and needs help, love, and support. Perhaps a massive outpouring of unconditional love from fans would help?

Gigi Hadid by Frazer Harrison 4c
Gigi Hadid [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

What is Zayn Malik feeling right now? His recent quotes seem strangely phrased and show the negativity he is fighting with. For example, Malik recently told The Sun he “hated” to be thought of as a “celebrity.”

“I hate the word celebrity. I think it’s a dangerous road to go down, thinking of yourself as a celebrity because then you somehow automatically think that label makes you superior to other people.”

What Zayn Malik, appears to mean in this sentence is not nearly as negative as the way it was taken in media. Reporters jumped on this quote, accusing Malik of slamming the system that made him a star. While one might question the reading comprehension level of those writers, it is easy to see how they were put off by the word “hate.”


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Zayn Malik’s message is that he doesn’t feel good about passing himself off as superior when he feels so unworthy of it right now. He is also indicating that no one is superior to anyone else, really. He’s saying he is no better than anyone else, and overall that is a sweet thing to say, but it was grossly misinterpreted because of his phrasing.

The words “hate,” “dangerous,” “label,” and “superior” tend to jump out as more important than the overall message of humility, he intended to convey. It is as if his subconscious will no longer be repressed and is trying to say something, other than what Zayn consciously means.

Gigi Hadid is a very positive and sympathetic person, and Zayn needs that. Harry Styles is also profoundly positive. Zayn has been missing Harry profoundly since he left the band. Malik needs these kinds of people in his life, but he also needs to develop a strategy to embody some of these positive attitudes and characteristics which he obviously admires.

Zayn Malik is very troubled and Gigi Hadid is determined to help, but what can fans do to encourage Z?

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