‘The Sims 4’ Free Update Adds New Items For Day Of The Dead Event Challenge

Jasmine Holiday is returning to The Sims 4 to kick off a Day of the Dead celebration and challenge this week. The event NPC will return on October 4 to start a small celebration for the holiday that will wrap up on November 4. For the month of October, Sims will need to collect Sugar Skulls for a new display. Collect all of the Sugar Skulls and a new Sim “moodlet” will be unlocked for any Sim that interacts with the collection.

After finding and speaking with Jasmine Holiday, players will receive the new Sugar Skull Display Case. This new decoration object can hold all the Sugar Skulls players collect during the event. Players will need to interact with NPC Sims around their worlds to collect all 10 Sugar Skulls. Once they are collected and placed in the display case, Sims can interact with the object to obtain a new moodlet according to the official site.

“Jasmine Holiday is coming back on October 4 at 10am PT and will be around until November 4 at 10am PT. She will be available to get your Sim started with the Sugar Skull Display Case!”

The new moodlet, which is a type of buff, gives the interacting Sim a better rapport with the Grim Reaper. The relationship status between the Sim and the Grim Reaper will improve thanks to the buff, and that Sim will be more likely to save a fellow Sim from the clutches of the Grim Reaper should he come for them.

The Sims 4
The new display case and a few new items from the update [Image via Electronic Arts]

The Sims 4 event also ushers in a few new Create-A-Sim items and objects themed around the Day of the Dead challenge. In addition to the Sugar Skull Display Case object and the Sugar Skulls with which it can be adorned, there are new pieces of furniture, decorations, and accessories. Day of the Dead candles, a table, a sculpture, and wall hangings are now available. Additionally, a new outfit, makeup, hairstyle, and one new hat are part of the latest free update. For more information check out the Electronic Arts help section on The Sims 4 ongoing patch notes.

As the Day of the Dead event wraps up, the third expansion pack for The Sims 4 will launch. On November 1, “City Living” will release giving players a chance to live in a bustling urban area. The expansion features apartments, festivals, and even quirks specific to lots. As the Inquisitr reported, Lot Traits can provide challenges to a family living with one, or a Lot Trait can benefit a lucky household depending on the trait.

The Sims 4
Penthouses are more expensive than apartments and they can be edited [Image via Electronic Arts]

For instance, a lot in the new world of San Myshuno might have the “good schools” Lot Trait providing a buff to any child Sim’s schoolwork. Adversely, a lot might offer the “filthy” quirk where Sims will have to deal with pests, dirt, and grime. This new feature will even extend to other areas of the game. The new Lot Traits can be applied to existing lots in the game by using the Build Mode.

With the free update live now and the Day of the Dead event starting soon, players of The Sims 4 will stay quite occupied until the new paid content releases in November. The expansion “City Living” can be pre-purchased right now via Origin. Like the previous two expansion packs, “City Living” costs $39.99. When the expansion finally releases, players will need about three gigabytes of hard drive space to accommodate the expansion.

The Day of the Dead challenge will only be around for a limited time. The collectible Sugar Skulls and their display will need to be collected now; however, the items added with the free update will remain. After “City Living” releases, The Sims 4 will continue to expand with new items added to the free Holiday Celebration Pack and a new stuff pack released this winter.

[Image via Electronic Arts]