‘The Voice’ Season 11: These Singers Are Top 10 Bound — According To YouTube

This week, NBC’s hit singing competition The Voice wraps up three weeks of auditions. Thus far, artists have brought enormous talent to the table. And yet some The Voice contestants made larger impacts than others.


It’s easy to spot the popular auditions by having a look at the official The Voice YouTube page, where you can check out the uploaded blind auditions. As videos went up, certain artists saw their triumphant auditions played more than others.

Although iTunes is typically an accurate predictor of popularity, YouTube views are often a strong clue as well. By examining the number of views for certain The Voice singers, one can make a really good guess at who just might make it as far as the Top 10.

If the The Voice audience were picking their Top 10 this week, here are some of the artists that would apparently have the best shot at making it.

Elia Esparza

It takes a lot of guts to try out for The Voice and hope to wow the judges with a non-English language song. It takes even greater nerve to tackle the beloved Selena. “Como La Flor” is one of the late Mexican-American singer’s best known and beloved hits. Messing up her song could invite the wrath of Selena fans.

Luckily for Esparza, she delivered a very charming take on the hit. Her uniqueness and talent helped her YouTube video amass over 2.7 million views in just a week! That’s far and away more than anyone else who auditioned the same week. There wasn’t even a judge singing with her.

You know what that is? That’s genuine buzz.

Halle Tomlinson

Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind’ is a song that’s been covered before on The Voice. Yet Halle Tomlinson put her own raspy, indie take on it to great effect. Halle, whose video has earned 1.4 million views in under a week, ultimately went with Alicia Keys. Of course, when one sings “New York State of Mind,” you kind of have to.

Those who know Tomlinson are boasting in the YouTube comment section that the young singer put on a restrained performance. Apparently, she’s capable of hitting some pretty high notes. If we see a more versatile side of Halle in future episodes, she’ll definitely be a shoe-in for the Top 10.

Nolan Neal

Imagine not turning a single chair last year, coming back and turning not one but four chairs. That is the power of appropriate song choice, folks!

This time out, Nolan Neal went with the Elton John classic “Tiny Dancer.” Nolan wowed The Voice judges and inspired The Voice viewers to batter the “replay” function. His video currently has over 1.7 million views, making it the second most viewed The Voice blind audition for Week 2.

Billy Gillman

Not only is former child country singer Billy Gillman likely Top 10 bound, there’s a good chance he could make the season finale, barring a shocking elimination, of course. As of now, Gillman’s interpretation of Adele’s “When We Were Young” is one of the most popular performances of Season 11.

Now that his voice has matured, Gillman hopes to have the type of success that eluded him as he began to grow older. With the right connections, via Blake Shelton, and the right amount of exposure it could happen. Who knows? Billy Gillman could be the first true break-out star in the several years The Voice has aired.

Lauren Diaz

Lauren Diaz’s blind audition video was given an undeniable boost by Alicia Keys. In the clip, we see Keys handing out heartfelt hugs and even belting a portion of her hit, “If I Ain’t Got You.” Still, it’s Diaz’s own interpretation of the song that continues to impress.

Not only did Lauren sing through the nerves of performing one of The Voice judge’s hit songs. She actually sang well enough for Alicia Keys herself to be the first judge to turn. What more of a statement can one possibly make? Diaz could, under the watchful eyes of her personal heroine Alicia Keys, go very far in this competition.


If you’re wondering where the rest of this list is, remember that there is one final night of auditions to come. We may meet a few more standout artists that seem destined to rise to the top.

And there’s also plenty of room for you to offer up suggestions for which The Voice singers seem destined to make it to the Top 10. Please share your picks in the comment section below!

[Featured Image by NBC’s The Voice]