Ryan Serhant’s Wedding: Ryan’s Therapy Session Inspires ‘MDLNY’ Viewers

Ryan Serhant has been very open and honest with Emilia Bechrakis about his schedule. When they were filming Million Dollar Listing: Ryan’s Wedding, the couple started arguing quite a bit because he was constantly working. Serhant was very busy and when Emilia would call him in the middle of the day and ask him to do something, this led to plenty of fights. There was a clear lack of communication between them. When Ryan realized that he may be struggling with his emotions and communication, he decided to seek help and visit a therapist.

According to a new Instagram post, Ryan Serhant decided to share a personal message from a fan, who was inspired by Ryan’s decision to seek help from a therapist. He has previously revealed that it was tough for him to film the show with Emilia, as they fought a lot. She has revealed that they had days where they didn’t even speak to one another. Clearly, planning this destination wedding took its toll on the couple.

Ryan Serhant shared a simple heart on Instagram while sharing a screenshot of a private message he had received from a fan, who was inspired by his decision to get professional advice in how to deal with the lack of communication. And it sounds like many fans were impressed with his honesty and vulnerability, as several wrote back to him on Instagram.

“Thank you so much for sharing an inside glimpse into how hard wedding planning is for couples. It was so refreshing to see that anyone can struggle with it even if you live a pretty glamorous life. As a Wisconsin girl, at first I was offended by Emilia’s comment about not being able to shop here, but it’s actually really true. The shopping sucks here. And jeans and a sweater for any event, 100% correct also,” one person wrote to Ryan Serhant, sharing that it was awesome to see that even rich and famous people struggle with money, decisions and feelings.


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This spin-off show gives an insider look into the lives of Ryan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis. While Emilia was on Million Dollar Listing: New York, she wasn’t a huge part of the show. And since appearing on this wedding special, fans believe that she has become quite the bridezilla. While some people can totally understand where she’s coming from as she’s planning this entire wedding alone, others find her annoying. Some people have downright said that they think Ryan Serhant could have done better.

“My heart is breaking while I watch the second episode of the marriage show. I have or had three sons and it’s always hard to see difficulty in their relationships. I don’t think I have ever rooted for a reality show couple as much as you two. And I just heard the reason why…I lost my son ‘cryin’ Ryan’ two years ago. I thought he was the only one. To know you too were called cryin Ryan touches me. Please don’t think that name is always negative. That emotional side of yourself makes you who E loves. I wish you all the best in your relationship in the years to come,” another person wrote to Ryan Serhant, sharing some similar experiences.

It’s interesting to learn that Serhant used to be so emotional, as he doesn’t show his emotions on Million Dollar Listing: New York. There are two episodes left and it sounds like Serhant and Emilia have worked out their communication issues. The remaining two episodes will take place in Greece, where the wedding drama will unfold.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant being so vulnerable on Million Dollar Listing: Ryan’s Wedding?

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