Teresa Giudice’s Friend, Robyn Levy, Says She Has Text Messages Proving Jacqueline Laurita Tried To Recruit Her As She Did Siggy Flicker And Dolores Catania

Sunday night’s episode of Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live showed not one but three people from the current season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. While starring cast member Teresa Giudice took the seat on the stage next to actress Mindy Kaling, her two friends, Robyn Levy and Christina Flores, who have appeared in a few episodes this season, stood behind the bar.

During the after-show portion of the talk show, Robyn accused Jacqueline Laurita of lashing out at her during the Vermont trip because she wouldn’t take her side against Teresa. Robyn even said that she has text messages proving that while Teresa was still in prison, Jacqueline spent her time trying to recruit her, as she did with Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania.


As Real Housewives viewers saw on last week’s episode, Robyn, who is married to Christina, actually got into a big argument with Jacqueline Laurita during the cast’s Vermont trip. After Jacqueline called Robyn one of Teresa’s “soldiers,” the argument between the two women escalated to the point where Robyn yelled that she wanted to “rage on [Jacqueline’s] ass,” which then prompted Jacqueline to actually sit on her. With how the episode was edited, it seemed as if Jacqueline and Robyn got very heated with one another at the drop of the hat. Why did it get so heated between the two women so quickly?

Andy asked Robyn why she thinks Jacqueline had such an issue with her. Robyn said that Jacqueline got mad at her after she ignored her attempts at trying to recruit her against Teresa. Robyn added that Jacqueline tried to cultivate something with her as she did with the other new cast members, meaning Siggy and Dolores.

“What I really think is that she was trying to get me on her side. She was texting me while Teresa was away. And I didn’t feel comfortable, I just didn’t feel comfortable with it, so I just didn’t do anything about it. And then as I didn’t do anything about it, she was like cultivating something on her own with the other people who had joined the show and, you know [gives a salute], know what I’m saying? And that was that.”


Robyn added that her history with Teresa’s cousins, Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, who are now good friends with Jacqueline, also played a part in her drama with Jacqueline. As viewers saw on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, after Robyn was shown talking negatively about Rosie during the group’s bus ride to the Vermont resort, Teresa explained in a confessional interview that Robyn and Rosie used to be very close, but their friendship, inexplicably to Robyn, ended. Teresa added that Rosie has ignored Robyn’s attempts at reconciliation or even an explanation.

“And while that was happening, I also had other relationships in the past with people that were on the show and that were also present on the show, like Kathy and Rosie, so that played a part.”

Teresa smiled and nodded in agreement as Robyn made her claim. Teresa chimed in that Jacqueline “wanted soldiers.”


Later, Teresa Giudice reminded Mindy Kaling and the talk show’s viewers about Robyn’s claim. When Mindy said that she wants to see those text messages, Robyn said that she definitely has them.

“I have the text messages. I sure do.”

On Twitter, Robyn Levy re-iterated her claim that she has text messages from Jacqueline Laurita in which Jacqueline tried to recruit her to be her soldier.


In response to one viewer who tweeted that Robyn would have posted the messages already if she really had them, Robyn said that’s untrue.


As the Inquisitr previously reported, Robyn tweeted last week that after the group’s party bus ride to the Vermont resort, Jacqueline sent her a tweet asking her why she has to be so normal. Robyn also tweeted her approval of an article that reported that viewers didn’t see Jacqueline taunting Robyn about her ended friendship with Rosie Pierri, by repeatedly telling Robyn that Rosie denies that they were ever friends, during the bus ride. It also reported that Jacqueline, for months prior, went around accusing Robyn of being Teresa’s “soldier.”

The article further reported that during the s’mores scene, Robyn and Jacqueline actually had a much longer argument, with a lot of back-and-forth yelling, than was shown. It also stated that Robyn didn’t call Teresa out during the argument simply as backup against Jacqueline, but to confirm something regarding Rosie.


After Robyn Levy’s big blowup with Jacqueline, she and Christina Flores decided to leave the trip early. Yet the drama continued and even intensified. During the next group dinner, Jacqueline erupted at Teresa, going so far as calling her a “table flipping b**ch” and “criminal.” Jacqueline also called Melissa Gorga a “fake, phony b**ch” who has had four nose jobs.

Jacqueline was mad that Melissa didn’t acknowledge that she had warned her years ago that she was about to be accused of having been a stripper once. Jacqueline yelled that while Teresa knew what was about to happen, but didn’t say anything, she warned Melissa. When Melissa refused to confirm what Jacqueline did for her and Teresa maintained that she didn’t warn Melissa because she didn’t know beforehand what was going to go down, that’s when Jacqueline became enraged. Jacqueline believed that Melissa and Teresa were trying to “re-write history.”

As the three women argued, Siggy stuck up for Jacqueline, prompting Teresa to call her blind. Dolores wisely stayed silent. Yet the next morning, Dolores made it clear that she, like Siggy, was fed up with all the fighting and doesn’t believe that all of the blame lies on Jacqueline. Dolores yelled at Teresa that she has had it with the drama.


Are Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania really two of Jacqueline Laurita’s “soldiers,” as Teresa Giudice’s friend Robyn Levy implied? Not so, according to Jacqueline. During Jacqueline’s own appearance on Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago, she said that both Siggy and Dolores are “neutral” when it comes to her drama with Teresa and Melissa Gorga.


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