'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Rick And Michonne Heat Up In Season 7

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres later this month, and fans are looking forward to finding out what will happen after Negan's big moment in the Season 6 finale. While viewers are dying to know which member of the group Negan brutally killed, Season 7 will be so much more than Negan's attack on the gang.

According to iDigital Times, Rick and Michonne's relationship will also take center stage during The Walking Dead Season 7. The couple finally got together toward the end of Season 6 after growing close over the course of the past three seasons. While the two characters do not get intimate in the comic book series, it makes sense to put them together on the TV show. Rick and Michonne have a lot of the same values, and Michonne has quickly become the closest thing Carl has to a mother. In Season 7, fans will get to see the pair explore their relationship even further.

The Spoiling Dead Facebook page reveals that actors Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira were spotted filming a scene together at an abandoned school, and that things were getting very steamy on set.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Rick and Michonne relationship trouble in Season 7?
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"Filming was back at the abandoned school on Monday and Tuesday. Rick and Michonne were filming again. We hear that they have a close call with walkers on the carnival set. There's also whispers that Rick and Michonne might share some 'intimate' moments at the school...Today they were at the studio. We think Rick and Michonne may have been filming again. We hear they will be at the Gin (Alexandria) tomorrow."
However, The Walking Dead fans who love to see Rick and Michonne together could be in for a disappointment. In the comic book series, Michonne and Ezekiel have a very sweet romance together. Since Ezekiel is being introduced during Season 7, could there be cause for concern for fans of the couple known as "Richonne?"

Fans likely won't want to see a love triangle between Rick, Michonne, and Ezekiel, especially since they'll be mourning the loss of a central character in Season 7. However, if the series decides to bypass the Michonne and Ezekiel love connection altogether, that could leave Ezekiel open to hook up with another character. Walking Dead fans know that Carol will likely be one of the first characters to meet Ezekiel in Season 7, and there is always the possibility that they'll hit it off. Rosita and Sasha could also possibly start a romance with the leader of The Kingdom if they can make it past the premiere episode and Negan's bat.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Who Does Negan Kill?
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Walking Dead fans will finally find out which character Negan killed in the Season 6 finale cliffhanger when the show returns for Season 7. Many fans believe that the characters of Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford are likely to be revealed as the victims. The show's creator, Robert Kirkman, has revealed that the death will be of a beloved character, and all signs are pointing to Glenn being killed off.

In addition, The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere will be so traumatic and full of drama that fans are going to need some serious time to process it and talk it out. This is where Chris Hardwicke comes in. The host of the Walking Dead aftershow, Talking Dead, will be hosting a live 90-minute version of the show to help fans deal with the death of Negan's victim. He'll also have special guests, which will likely include the actor who portrays the now-dead character.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers? Are your ready for more Rick and Michonne love scenes?

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