‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7: Three Of The Strongest Fan Theories

The premiere of Game of Thrones Season 7 may be months away, but it hasn’t kept fans from creating their own theories about what may happen as we near the end of the HBO hit. After all, GOT fans are true, dedicated people who know their stuff! They may have read the books, they scour the internet, they watch and rewatch previous episodes of Game of Thrones – all in an effort to figure out what may come next. And to satisfy their addiction until next summer. Many theories are circulating on the internet, some more far-fetched than others. Let’s take a look at seven of the more feasible ones.

1. Sansa is pregnant with Ramsay’s baby.

Poor Sansa. Wouldn’t this be just awful for her? She is one Game of Thrones character who just has one bad break after another. Except that graphicly violent but wonderful scene with Ramsay and his dogs. Didn’t you love that little smile on her face as she walked away? The Daily Telegraph reported on this one and noted that both Sansa and Ramsay have said things that support this theory. Ladies first. Sansa said to Baelish, “I can still feel what he did in my body, standing here right now.” And then there were these final words from Ramsay to Sansa – “I’m a part of you now.” It’s a horrible thing to imagine. But Game of Thrones has never let that stop them. This one doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Now on to the second one. It’s going to sound creepy at first, but bear with me.

2. Sansa and Jon will marry.

I know, I know. Eew! But stop for a second. Last year, Game of Thrones showed us that they aren’t actually brother and sister, because Jon isn’t Ned’s bastard. His parents are Rhaegar and Lyanna. So they are actually cousins. And marrying your cousin isn’t uncommon in Westeros, and wasn’t uncommon in real-life history. It still feels creepy because they grew up thinking they were brother and sister, but they never seemed that close.

The theory comes from YouTuber AltShiftX, and, like many of his Game of Thrones theories, it makes sense! Here’s why.

Sansa’s history with relationships isn’t so great. So far she’s been promised to the psychotic Joffrey Baratheon, intended to marry Loras Tyrell for a short time (Willas Tyrell in the Game of Thrones books), marries Tyrion Lannister, marries Ramsay Bolton in the show (she’s promised to a nasty guy named Harry Hardying in the books). The books hint that Ramsay is not her last marriage.

George R.R. Martin wrote some prequel stories that are set 100 years before Game of Thrones begins. It tells the tale of two characters named Dunk and Egg. In one of the stories, the two go to a tournament in a place called Ashford. Winners of the tournament are the five champions of the Lady Ashford. Those winners are Lyonel Baratheon, Tybolt Lannister, Leo Tyrell, Humphrey Hardying, and Valaar Targaryen. Notice anything? The last names of each of these champions matches up with the last name of the men to whom Sansa has either been married or promised to (substituting Ramsay Bolton for Humphrey Hardying in the Game of Thrones television show). So who’s left? A Targaryen. And what Targaryens are possibilities? Well, there is Daenerys, and, although HBO does like to push its limits with GOT, they probably wouldn’t go so far as to do something as politically dangerous as portray a same-sex marriage, which leaves Jon.

Also keep in mind that in Game of Thrones, marriage is often a political decision, and marrying Sansa would be politically beneficial to Jon. Although he is currently King of the North, he’s had a rough road getting there, and Sansa would win him lots of support from the people of the North.

One more little fact that supports this theory, in an early draft of Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin had Jon and Arya falling in love. So it wouldn’t be a stretch for it to happen with another “sister.” You can check out the full video below if you’d like.

3. Tyrion is a Targaryen.

Tyrion Lannister is a greatly underestimated character in Game of Thrones. He reads, listens, and observes. He drinks and knows things! Lots of things. And he goes largely unnoticed because of his physical stature. There are scandalous rumors about his true parents, and, if it’s true, he could very well be a Targaryen and gain the spot of importance that he deserves before all is said and done.

You may remember the Game of Thrones scene in which, before dying at the hand of Tyrion, Tywin told him, “You’re no son of mine.” This could have been anger, or it could have been a moment of truth. If you think about it, there is something about Tywin’s hatred of Tyrion that doesn’t make sense. We learned early on in HBO’s Game of Thrones that his wife Joanna died giving birth to Tyrion. But Tyrion is one of two of Tywin’s sons. The other is Jaime, who can’t have children because he is serving in the King’s guard. So Tyrion is the only one who can carry on the Lannister name. But what if there is another reason he hates him so? What if he isn’t his child?

The scandalous rumor related to Tyrion is that a Game of Thrones legend, the Mad King, was in love with Joanna, even after she wed Tywin, and he slept with her after she was married. It’s not clear if he forced himself on her or if it was consensual. What if Tyrion is the son of Joanna Lannister and Aerys Targaryen?

Consider two more things about Tyrion. In the books, and in early episodes of Game of Thrones, he is described as having very blonde hair, like the Targaryens. And there was an amazing scene where he spoke to the dragons and interacted with them quite successfully. That is a talent that is supposed to belong only to Targaryens.

There are many more Game of Thrones theories circulating, and there are sure to be many more before Season 7 finally arrives. These are some of the strongest ones at this time. There is so much that has to be covered in these last two seasons of Game of Thrones. It’s sure to be a wild ride that we will dearly miss once it’s over.

There is no official date for the premiere of Season 7 of Game of Thrones. At this time we only know that it will return sometime around summer of 2017.

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