Miley Cyrus ‘High’ On ‘The Voice’ But Adam Levine, Blake Shelton Feud Causes Tears: Will She Quit?

Miley Cyrus, once known as a Disney Channel sweetheart and now famed as the “Wrecking Ball” singer, surprised fans of her “wild child” ways when she decided to slide into one of the enormous swiveling coach chairs on The Voice, joining Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys this season. But the confrontations that play out among the other coaches, particularly long-time pals Levine and Shelton (famed for their “bromance”), aren’t exactly her style. Consequently, Miley hinted that she’s found a way to survive by getting “high” on The Voice, as rumors of a feud involving the pop music princess, Blake, and Adam continue to swirl.


Hollywood Life describes the 23-year-old singer as a “yoga-lovin’, weed-smokin’ hippy at heart.” But that flower child personality isn’t surviving well when she takes on the other coaches on The Voice. Consequently, Miley has joked about getting “high” as an excuse for avoiding confrontations.

“When you don’t turn the chair for somebody, it’s so confrontational, and I’m really not confrontational,” she explained. “So then I get really embarrassed and I’ll make it my fault — like, “I don’t know! I was high! I forgot to turn my chair!”

In addition to those occasional confrontations with Blake and Adam over potential singers for their Voice teams, Cyrus also has had some battle rounds with the other new coach, Alicia Keys. The Voice is designed to pit coaches against each other as they try to outdo one another in persuading the best singers to join their sides. But has the head-bumping nature of those wars among the coaches gone too far?


A feud that has Shelton and Levine ganging up against Miley has blown up to the point that she has threatened to quit The Voice, according to a source cited by OK. But even though the feud has not stopped, she is attempting to stay strong amid tears, added the insider.

“[Cyrus] refuses to be beat by the old men [Adam and Blake].”

As for how it all began, OK‘s source clarified that Levine was constantly bullying the 23-year-old. Adam then reportedly took the feud to a new level by recruiting Shelton to “gang up” on her. But the bullying from Levine and Blake has taken its toll, with the “Wrecking Ball” singer “in tears” during filming, according to the insider.

Miley Cyrus reportedly is trapped in a feud with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on "The Voice."
Miley Cyrus reportedly is trapped in a feud with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on "The Voice." [Image by Trae Patton/NBC/The Voice Images]

Moreover, the feud has been going on for a long time, with Adam and Miley “at each other’s throats” since filming began on The Voice, added the source. Levine reportedly “wants nothing to do with” the younger singer, but rather than just avoid her, Adam has become involved in “non-stop bickering” with Cyrus.

“[Levine] nitpicks almost every single thing she says,” added the source.

The battles involving Levine and Shelton have gotten so bad that Cyrus has threatened to quit The Voice, according to the insider. And while that story blames Adam for recruiting Blake to “gang up” with him against the 23-year-old, another report points at the country music crooner as the primary force when it comes to bullying.


Cosmopolitan notes that it seems to be primarily Shelton who is driven to bully Miley. The 40-year-old coach has repeatedly criticized Cyrus for her speaking skills: She’s faster than a polished college debater, and just as impressive. However, Miley has sought to fight back, defending her enthusiasm for getting the best singers on her side.

“They can make fun of me for talking fast, but I think people can feel my enthusiasm.”

Shelton and Cyrus fought it out while the cameras captured their battle at one point. She was praising a singer, Aaron, when Blake interrupted her to inform her that in his opinion, she was speaking too loudly.

Is Blake Shelton bullying Miley Cyrus?
Is Blake Shelton bullying Miley Cyrus? [Image by Trae Patton/NBC/The Voice Images]

How to overpower Miley? Shelton answered the question by taking out a megaphone.

Cyrus called Blake a bully and subsequently succeeded in turning attention back to herself as Aaron chose her. Triumphant, she pulled open her jacket to flaunt her lingerie, punching the country music superstar in the ribs as she headed backstage.

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