Cynthia Bailey Divorce: Are She And Peter Thomas Faking Divorce For ‘RHOA’?

Cynthia Bailey’s divorce has been the only thing that’s made headlines over the past couple of months in regards to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Cynthia announced that she no longer wanted to be married to Peter Thomas and the two would be divorcing. For a long time, Bailey wanted a separation to see if their lives apart would be better for them. Thomas was shocked that Cynthia wanted a divorce, but Bailey didn’t see it any other way. She wanted out and they quickly sold their family home in Atlanta.

According to a new tweet, Cynthia Bailey is now being accused of possibly faking her marital drama and her divorce because she and her estranged husband are getting along. Plus, Bailey and Peter were posting social media posts about how much love and respect they have for one another, which is interesting considering Cynthia’s recent divorce announcement. Bailey revealed that she had no interest in being married to Peter anymore, as he had betrayed her in so many ways.

And yet, Cynthia Bailey and Peter both traveled to Hawaii for the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast trip along with all of the cast members. It is interesting that Bailey would invite Peter on the trip to Hawaii since she’s moved on from her marriage. They have sold their shared home in Atlanta and Cynthia has purchased a lakefront home outside of the city. Peter has relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. But Thomas may have joined the cast on the trip, as he is friends with Todd Tucker. Sadly, people are starting to believe that Cynthia Bailey and Peter may have faked their marital problems for the sake of a storyline.

Yasssss slay our lives @CynthiaBailey10???????????? #RHOA

— Cody. (@_codyderion) September 22, 2016

“When you fake a cheating scandal, marital problems, and getting a divorce all for a check. Yasss queens of creating fake storylines! #RHOA,” one person wrote about Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas after they posted a picture of them together in Hawaii on the cast trip, adding in a separate tweet, “Cynthia and Peter were seen holding hands in Maui… Push thru queen of faking storylines to stay on the show! #RHOA.”


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Bailey has been open and honest about her feelings in regards to her estranged husband. Cynthia has been vocal about wanting to move on after her husband supposedly cheated on her. About two years ago, a troublesome Instagram video surfaced of Peter Thomas grabbing and touching another woman in one of his establishments. It was filmed by someone who was standing right in front of him and the video made it look like he’s kissing her. He argued that it was a friend who he cares about, but Cynthia Bailey was clearly hurt by the entire thing. One could argue that this was the beginning of the end for them.

And it sounds like some fans want a brand new cast in Atlanta, as they are growing tired of the same people and the same storylines. It would be an interesting catch if Cynthia Bailey and Peter were caught faking their divorce drama for the sake of a storyline on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Many people were hoping that NeNe Leakes would return to the show, but it doesn’t sound like she’s interested in becoming a full-time housewife again.

“Makes me so frustrated that Bravo makes casting decisions we don’t want but when we want casting changes Bravo does nothing,” the same person wrote on the same Twitter account, sharing their frustrations over the current cast.

What do you think of Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas holding hands in Hawaii? What do you think of them possibly working things out and being gentle with one another?

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