Mike Tyson Vs. Kanye West: Mike Tyson Says Kanye West Is Nuts

In perhaps the ultimate pot and kettle situation, boxer Mike Tyson is referring to Kanye West as “nuts.” Mike Tyson isn’t being mean when he says this, but he makes the statement in a matter of fact sort of way. Last month, Kanye West and Mike Tyson had a run in, that ended casually, but once upon a time, the outcome could have been very different, and it would have come down to Mike Tyson vs. Kanye West instead of the UFC match on the night’s fight card.

In interviews, Kanye is well known for having foot-in-mouth disease (as is his wife Kim Kardashian), according to the Inquisitr. Recently, Kanye West likened his wife, Kim Kardashian, to Marie Antoinette, and seems to have meant it as a compliment. It’s unclear whether or not Kanye missed that day in class, or perhaps just caught the first part of the movie starring Kirsten Dunst, but all does not end well when the people of France turned on Marie Antoinette yelling “off with her head!” Hopefully, Kanye is not the oracle.


It seems that Page Six caught former prize fighter Mike Tyson in a jovial mood, as he lightheartedly shared his thoughts on Kanye West. It seems that Mike Tyson believes that Kanye is nuts, but still, he admires his style.

“Kanye’s nuts. There’s no doubt about it.”

But Tyson explains his mentor, Cus D’Amato, would have liked Kanye, because he is a “guy who leads.”


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But Mike Tyson explains that Kanye West’s delusions are what helps him lead, and break away from the pack.

“I was a quiet guy. Even if it’s false confidence, Cus would turn that into reality. To be a leader, you have to have delusional faith that you can do things that are almost impossible.”

Tyson indicates that he thinks in her heart, even Kanye doesn’t believe all of the hype about himself.

“[West is] on the right path. He might be a little bit misguided and offensive, but he has more than belief. . . He’s really not the bad [bleep] you think he is when you see him smiling.”


The latest meeting of Mike Tyson vs. Kanye West was at a recent UFC fight, Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz in Las Vegas, says Radio.com. Mike Tyson arrived early, and the seats up front that Kanye West reserved were empty, and it was unclear if Kanye would show. So Tyson made an executive decision, and took Kanye’s reserved seats for himself.

Sports columnist Skip Bayless had a bird’s eye view to the whole event, including the moment when Kanye West and his entourage showed up. It seems Kanye just walked in, and without a word, stared at Mike Tyson and the reserved seats.

“Kanye didn’t have to say a word, just stand there and be Kanye, and Mike said, ‘Hey, I’m out!'”

Lucky for Kanye West, we are in the era of the new and improved Mike Tyson.

“Mike could’ve made it awkward but he didn’t. And they were Kanye’s seats, they had his name on them. But I think maybe the security didn’t think Kanye was going to make it, maybe.”


Skip Bayless said that Tyson was incredibly friendly and took it in stride, while the promoters scrambled to find Tyson another good seat.

“That this Mike Tyson at this stage in his life would say ‘Kanye, I’m good. They tried to find another seat for Mike Tyson.”

It seems that Tigers really can change their stripes.

Would you pay to see a fight Mike Tyson vs. Kanye?

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