Melissa Gorga Calls Jacqueline Laurita Insecure: Is Jacqueline Tearing Up The Family?

Melissa Gorga was determined to keep the peace with her sister-in-law once she was released from prison. Teresa Giudice wanted to keep the peace and really focus on the healthy relationships in her life rather than go backward and relive some of the crazy drama from a few years ago. Plus, Teresa would become a single mother to four children, as her husband would be locked up for over three years. Melissa wanted to be a support system for her family members and she decided to put some of her feelings on the back-burner to settle the drama.

According to a new Bravo report, Melissa Gorga is now revealing that she doesn’t understand how Jacqueline Laurita can’t do the same. Gorga really thought that Jacqueline would have Teresa’s best interests at heart when she was released, but she quickly dove right in and started bringing up older issues and even called her a criminal. One can imagine that the only reason why Melissa Gorga invited Jacqueline to Vermont is because she thought her co-star could keep the peace.

“So our trip to Vermont was supposed to be fun and drama-free. Starting from the ride up there, which actually took over eight hours instead of five, I think it’s safe to say this wasn’t going to be either of those things,” Melissa Gorga points out in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Gorga worked things out with Teresa over Christmas, because she really wanted them to start over and move forward. Just because Melissa wanted to work things out with Giudice, she’s being accused of being her soldier. This was something that Laurita brought up, clearly upset that she was standing alone while Melissa and Teresa were standing together.


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“If I’m now Teresa’s soldier, I guess Kim D. is Jacqueline’s… which is pretty sad to me because after all the claims that she was “helping” us get back together and be a family again, when it FINALLY does happen, she couldn’t be more MISERABLE. It’s written all over her face this season. The fact is that her insecurities and paranoia created all of this nonsense. I am a grown adult and am very capable of being friends with her and having a relationship with my sister-in-law even if the two of them are not getting along. This is all just an excuse for her to argue with me and then try to make it look like I’m at fault,” Melissa Gorga reveals in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Of course, Melissa Gorga has been watching the show and she’s surprised that Laurita would meet up with Kim D to talk about her, her sister-in-law and their Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars. The two gossiped quite a bit and Kim D appears to be dropping rumors that may not have any validity to them.

“I have to say, the amount of time and energy her and her sidekick spend lying and spinning things is incredible. I’d rather spend time with my kids on the football field,” Melissa explains in her Real Housewives of New Jersey, according to Bravo.

Viewers appear to be split in regards to who they believe. Some of them may believe Melissa, while others are holding on to the past like Laurita. It is clear that some people want answers as to who is guilty in some of the older fights, including the stripper-gate argument.

What do you think of Melissa Gorga’s comments about Jacqueline Laurita? Do you think that these two will ever work things out?

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