The Truth About Ivanka Trump’s New Ad For Donald Trump: Ivanka Offends Women All Over The World [VIDEO]

Ivanka Trump paints a pretty picture. But when taking a closer look, that is all that it appears to be: smoke and mirrors. Ivanka Trump talks a big game about helping women, even put out a new Donald Trump campaign ad for Motherhood this week, reports Time Magazine. But taking a look at her history, the talking points don’t add up to actual work, help, or support for women.

In fact, her talking points are coming off as more offensive to women, all over the world, from what I have seen.

Talking points don’t help people, especially when it turns out the talking points are inaccurate, like her talking points on paid family leave. But that is just one of her talking points. Actual work with and for women helps women to help women.

Helping women means, standing up for them, doing things for them. And when a man says to a woman “Hey, you’re ugly!”, a woman who cherishes women says, “Hey! That’s not okay!”

But Ivanka Trump will hang up the phone when you ask her about that. She doesn’t like the “negativity.” In other words, she refuses to address it.

This does not help women. This offends women.

Let’s have a look at the many ways that Ivanka Trump offends women. As Vanity Fair writes, she has “painstakingly positioned herself as a self-described poster child for working women.”

Her new ad called “Motherhood” builds a lovely smokescreen to affirm this to all women voters everywhere. Watch.


The new ad is about, of all things, paid maternity leave and a childcare tax credit promised by Donald Trump if he wins the Oval Office. It doesn’t talk about how Ivanka lied about Trump Organization’s paid family leave policy, which, according to the website, will offer new mothers 6 weeks of paid family leave.

Hillary Clinton’s plan differs, in that her paid family leave is to any parent, not just mothers. Her plan is also 12 weeks long, and is extended to anything a parent needs leave for, to care for a child, to care for a parent. Donald Trump’s plan does not include gay parents, or fathers, and only refers to maternity leave.


In her new ad on Motherhood, Ivanka Trump talks about how being a working mother “shouldn’t mean taking a pay cut.” She says,

“Donald Trump understands the needs for a modern work force. My father will change outdated labor laws so that they support women and American families.”

We do not know what labor laws she is referring to. There is nothing on the website, that we can see, to suggest he is going to engage in labor law reform.

The ad doesn’t cover the fact that Donald Trump tweeted last week, in the middle of the night, sexist comments.


Ivanka Trump does talk about child care plans that she says are proposed by Donald Trump. He wants to incentivize employers to allow employees to bring their kids to work, in lieu of child care. But his website says he also wants to rewrite the tax code “to allow working parents to deduct from their income taxes child care expenses for up to four children and elderly dependents.”

It’s the same child care proposal that Ivanka Trump wrote about in her Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal. That’s the same Op-Ed she then had someone take a picture of her reading, so she could high five herself on Instagram.

Ivanka Trump then went on Good Morning America after that picture, and told the world that the Trump Organization, which she is Vice President of, offers paid family leave to their employees. Except that they don’t, as we previously reported when Trump employees themselves said, no, Trump doesn’t give paid family leave.

Some employees of Trump Organization do receive it. But those are few and far between. Ivanka Trump said they all do, and this just is not the case. This means she either lied, or does not know what the paid family leave policy is of the company of which she is Vice President.

This is the kind of thing that is offensive to women. It would be one thing if he just didn’t offer it. But to say that he does, when he doesn’t, is offensive to women. Ivanka Trump supported that claim.

Worse, not only did she lie about paid family leave, she slammed Hillary Clinton in the process. So out of one side of her mouth she tries to support women with a paid family leave promise that, is actually a lie. And out of the other, she slams women.

As Think Progress notes, in addition to attacking her, Ivanka Trump also lied about Hillary Clinton. On September 12, Ivanka appeared on Fox News and said the following about Hillary Clinton.

“There’s no policy on Hillary Clinton’s website pertaining to any of these issues, childcare, eldercare, or maternity leave, or paternity leave for that matter. There’s no policy that’s been articulated on how to solve the problem.”

Except that there is. And has been for some time. There are several pages, under Hillary’s headline, “It’s time to guarantee paid family leave and medical leave in America.”

The next day, Ivanka Trump continued to slam Hillary Clinton. After having someone take a picture of herself reading her own Op-Ed in the green room of Good Morning America, she appeared on the show and said the following.

“Respectively, Hillary Clinton has been around for decades and there’s no policy benefitting either mothers or fathers in terms of paid leave.”

Then Ivanka was reminded of the multiple pages of family policy on Hillary’s website that actually do propose policy on just those things. Ivanka said the following.

“We have not been in public office for the last several decades and she has. She could have instituted some of those polices in that role and has not done so.”

So Ivanka changes her tune when called out, and she doesn’t work to empower other women that actually do want to make change for America. And, she lied about her own organization’s paid family leave policy. Does she support women? Or is she just campaigning?

And what does she mean by “we” have not been in office? We did not know Ivanka Trump was running for anything. You can’t say you support women, and then slam them. But Ivanka does, peripherally, all the time. When she supports her father or denies that he is sexist, she offends women, and all of the women that he has slammed or made sexist comments about.

Perhaps she doesn’t know what a sexist comment is. In which case, she isn’t a very good self-described poster-woman for women.

Ivanka Trump definitely lied about paid family leave within the Trump Organization, or, she is grossly misinformed. This YouTuber says she straight up lied.

One woman that Ivanka Trump offends is a woman who makes her clothing. The company known as G-III Apparel Group and is the manufacturer of Ivanka’s clothing line. Everyone might remember when Ivanka Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention in a pretty rose dress.

She then immediately tweeted another high five to herself, and her would-be customers. Because why not use the RNC as a free commercial for anyone that wanted to “Shop Ivanka’s Look”? That was offensive to some people, namely women, judging by the tweet replies.


It was particularly offensive to someone that actually makes that dress, a woman who works for G-III Apparel. A fashion designer watched the convention from home, and the dress that she designed, and rolled her eyes at Ivanka Trump reports Washington Post.

The eye roller didn’t want to give her name for fear of losing her job, she’s had a tough enough year as it is. She’s a new mom, didn’t get paid maternity leave, so she had to drain her savings and burn out her vacation pay when she had her baby boy. She told Vanity Fair the following.

“It’s hard enough emotionally to come back to work right after having a baby. But to know you’re returning to a company that doesn’t value your choice to be a mother makes it harder.”

Imagine seeing your dress on television while scraping together pennies from your vacation days so you could feed your baby. Imagine scraping together money from your husband’s banked time, because you didn’t get paid family leave, and then, hearing from your employer that, all of the employees get paid family leave.

It’s just offensive. Ivanka Trump will say she doesn’t employ G-III directly. They are her manufacturer, and it’s up to the manufacturer to make those decisions.

True. But one would think that someone who is self-described as designing the “ultimate destination for women who work” would be a little more careful about who she picks as a manufacturer. You would think she would want vendors that create “ultimate destinations for women who work” as well. Especially knowing she was going to be in the spotlight and under scrutiny during a national campaign.

At least one of the “women that work” that designs Ivanka’s clothing rolls her eyes at Ivanka, according to Vanity Fair. On Ivanka’s #WomenWhoWork page, she says the following.

“I want to inspire and empower women to architect lives that they love, lives that are uniquely their own, and not based on the expectations of anyone other than themselves.”

Then, she gives herself a pat on the back for hiring women for, “the ultimate destination for women who work.”

Truth be told, the actual Ivanka Trump brand only employs 12 people, according to the Washington Post. So it’s not really the “ultimate destination” for women who work, unless there were only 12 working women in the United States at the time she made that statement. That statement is just smoke and mirrors.

It does sound like a nice place to work, perhaps even an ultimate destination, for the 12 people that work there. But not for women everywhere. Just those 12.

Vanity Fair notes another time that Ivanka let women down. This was the time that Donald Trump went public to say, women that are sexually harassed at work should take action, leave their employer, or just quit. It was a big sexual harassment fumble as the Washington Post reported in a separate report.

His son, Eric, tried to do damage control by saying, “Ivanka is a strong, powerful woman. She wouldn’t allow herself to be, you know, subjected to it.”

So it turns out that Eric might be as sexist as his father. This comment led to a Twitter rage against the Trump machine with #victimblaming. Instead of addressing the topic, for women, Ivanka tweeted pictures of her Fall line. Megyn Kelly of Fox tweeted the following.


Donald Trump insults women all of the time. He’s almost become famous just for that during Elections 2016. Ivanka, says nothing.

She represents a man that bashes women, and she’s proud of him. And, if she is ever asked about Donald Trump’s misogyny, she hangs up the phone on the interviewer. Because that’s just the kind of stand-up woman for women she is.

TheTelegraph has compiled an historical list of all of the sexist and misogynistic things Donald Trump said. There is no list of things Ivanka Trump has said in response, because she actively and intentionally does not respond. She’s happy to tweet pictures of her Fall line anytime though, or post selfies of herself reading her own column.

TheTelegraph starts way back in 1990, when he told Vanity Fair he doesn’t give his wife Ivana any jewels because, “Why give her negotiable assets?” He told Esquire in 1991 about the media.

“You know, it doesn’t really matter what [they] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of [bleep.]”

In 1997, Trump said all women were gold diggers in his book “Trump: The Art of the Comeback” when telling men to get prenuptial agreements. In 2006, Donald Trump “joked” with ABC News, saying the following.

“If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”


The Rosie O’Donnell comments have also made Trump famous as a misogynist. He’s called her disgusting “inside and out”, a slob, fat, ugly, chubby, and “worse than most of us.” He also called Arianna Huffington ugly “inside and out.”

When Angelina Jolie had a falling out with her father, Trump said, “I do understand beauty. I do own Miss Universe. And I will tell you, she’s not.”

He called Anne Hathaway a gold digger in 2008. Anne Hathaway’s net worth is $35 million dollars.

Ivanka Trump likes to talk about Donald Trump’s motherhood plan. That’s the message she is sending in this new ad. But he also has gone on the record to call a woman disgusting for breastfeeding, as we reported in our Donald Trump perjury report.

He’s been very unkind to women journalists, as well. In 2011 when New York Times reporter Gail Collins wrote about his bankruptcy, he sent her a copy of the article with her face circled and the word “dog” written on it.

He’s also joked about his genitalia many times, in national debates, and others. In 2012 when a transgender Miss Universe contestant was kicked off of the pageant, there was a firestorm. Donald Trump called TMZ and joked about his genitalia, saying, “I think Gloria would be very impressed.”

In 2013, the Telegraph reports he went on the victim blaming trail again, when blaming sexual assault on the victim. As the Inquisitr reported, he failed the Pinocchio test on military sexual assault, as well.


He’s also completely reversed his position on abortion, saying he intends on repealing Roe v. Wade if he gets in, and also defunding Planned Parenthood, reports MSN. When asked about the millions of women that would defy that ban, he said, “There has to be some sort of punishment.”

In other words, women that defy a ban of abortion should be punished. He later reversed that, saying it should be the doctors that should be punished, not the women.

Ivanka Trump says nothing to any of this. CNN‘s Gloria Borger asked her about it once. Ivanka Trump was asked if she thought her father was a sexist. Ivanka said the following.

“He’s absolutely not a sexist. There’s no way I could be the person I am today if my father was a sexist.”

Women want to hear Ivanka Trump say, that’s shameful. Instead, she says, well he hired me, so he can’t be sexist.

So Ivanka Trump either doesn’t think her father’s seemingly misogynistic behavior is sexist, or she’s lying again. Hiring women doesn’t negate sexist behavior any more than an ad called “Motherhood” does.

All of this has impacted Ivanka Trump’s brand, and will impact Donald Trump’s chances for the Presidency. Women all over the world are seeing her label, and returning Ivanka Trump’s clothes, reports the CBC.

After last week’s debates, a woman in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, went shopping and bought a dress at Marshall’s, reports the CBC. When the woman got home, she realized the name on the label was Ivanka Trump’s. She promptly returned the dress and told CBC the following.

“I do take seriously where I buy my things and what kind of things I support with my money and I just didn’t feel good about supporting the Trump business. I would have felt guilty every time I wore it.”

This is what women standing up for women looks like. When you see a woman being attacked and do nothing, it can create guilt, just not it seems for Ivanka Trump. But this Winnipeg woman was not going to be a part of that. The Winnipeg mom Susie Parker says last week’s debates were so ugly, she won’t buy anything with the Trump name on it.

If Donald Trump wants the women vote, he has to — well, he probably doesn’t stand a chance now. This is precisely why Ivanka Trump made this ad, damage control.

This ad is not actually about women. It’s about getting the vote for Donald Trump. It is smoke and mirrors. Time Magazine reports the ad is part of a $7.5 million dollar ad buy and will roll out this week in key battleground states with a high number of women voters.

Standing up for women means actually standing up for them. Not trying to buy their vote. Because the truth about the ad, and Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump, is that women all over the world are offended, and returning anything with the Trump name on it. Even their vote.

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