Taylor Swift Gets Back Together With Calvin Harris After Tom Hiddleston Split?

Has Taylor Swift returned to her romance with Calvin Harris after her breakup from Tom Hiddleston?

According to a report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the “Wildest Dreams” singer recently sent a text message to her former boyfriend, Harris, in an attempt rekindle their romance, which abruptly ended at the end of spring just weeks before Swift’s relationship with Hiddleston began.

“It looks like [Taylor Swift] has rekindled her romance with the Scottish DJ,” the outlet revealed to readers at the end of last month. “While it’s still unknown why Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up to begin with, various sources close to the chart topper say that the ex-couple have started texting each other once again.”

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris began dating last February after being introduced to one another by mutual friend Ellie Goulding at the Brit Awards, and although they didn’t appear together on the red carpet during their romance, they were often seen together in Los Angeles and New York City.

As Celebrity Dirty Laundry explained, Taylor Swift reportedly broke up with Harris over the phone after 15 months of dating and just one week later, she debuted her romance with Tom Hiddleston on a beach in Rhode Island, where the couple was seen holding hands and wrapping their arms around one another. Understandably, Harris was said to have been distraught over the breakup and even more upset once he saw Swift move on so quickly.

As for why Taylor Swift may have reached out to her former boyfriend, the outlet suggested she may be attempting to do some major damage control after being labeled as “a manipulative, two-faced and shallow person” who dumped two guys in one summer and found herself feuding with numerous celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Katy Perry, in the process. The outlet also noted that her man-hopping ways and frequent feuds had threatened Taylor Swift’s sweetheart persona.

“That’s why getting back together with Calvin Harris will not only prove that he wants her again, but also suggest that he might have been at fault during their breakup. Because if there’s one thing that Taylor Swift knows how to do well, it’s manipulate the media into thinking that she’s always the victim when it comes to her public feuds,” the outlet concluded.

However, a short time after the report was shared, Gossip Cop claimed that Taylor Swift’s interaction with Harris hasn’t gone beyond text messaging at this point and noted that the former pair had not rekindled their romance with one another.

Taylor Swift might have her reasons for wanting to smooth things over with Harris, but she isn’t the only one who is hoping to make amends. As Swift makes nice with the DJ, he is reportedly on board with the idea of becoming civil as he doesn’t want to end up on the singer’s next record.

As fans have seen, Taylor Swift doesn’t hesitate when it comes to sharing her love life through song.

“Calvin wants to be friends with [Taylor Swift] because he makes hits with her and he doesn’t want to be a future hit for her,” a source told Hollywood Life days ago. “He doesn’t want to be a punchline and reached out to her to make amends with her. He lives his life mostly drama-free and wants that to continue with his relationship with Taylor even if they don’t return to romance.”

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