Sasha Obama Now In Her Own Party Scandal As Photos Allegedly Surface Online Of Her At House Party

Sasha Obama has remained in the background as her sister, Malia Obama, has made headlines for her partying lifestyle since graduating high school in June. A new report out suggests that the younger daughter of President Barack Obama may be joining Malia in a party scandal.

According to Radar Online, two new photos posted online show what appears to be Sasha Obama at a crowded party surrounded by cans and red plastic cups. The images were shared via social media on Friday, October 1, with the captions, “Taking shots with Sasha Obama,” and “When Sasha Obama is at your party.”

The entertainment news site didn’t publish the photos of Sasha at the party or mention where they were originally posted. The Hollywood Gossip reports that the photos were likely deleted.

Is Sasha Obama headed down the same road as her sister with wild partying ways (Photo by Olivier Douliery- Pool/Getty Images)?

Radar goes on to say that the youngest Obama daughter was wearing tight white jeans with a tiny gray crop top and a black bra “peeking out.” She also had on a black choker with a small silver charm on it — an accessory she’s been photographed wearing several times over the past year.

While Malia has been heavily partying since June, she’s three years older than her sister. Sasha Obama is only 15-years-old. It’s unconfirmed if the photos posted online are her at the house party believed to be held Saturday night.

News of Malia’s party scandal have simmered down in the last month. Over the summer, she was embroiled in a pot smoking scandal after a video emerged of her smoking something that looked like marijuana at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago in July. Several photos of Malia Obama have hit social media of her attending various parties, but she’s not seen drinking or smoking anything. There were additional reports claiming that there was rising tensions between Malia and her father over the party scandal headlines.

Sasha Obama has largely been seen as the more quiet Obama daughter. The Boston Herald reported that Sasha Obama got a job at a seafood joint at Martha’s Vineyard for the summer. She was photographed in her work uniform leaving her morning shift at Nancy’s Restaurant at Oak Bluffs and working the cash register at the takeout window.

In more positive news, both Malia and Sasha Obama will reportedly act as bridesmaids for a couple that their parents played matchmaker for. TMZ reports that Michelle Obama’s former assistant, Kristen Jarvis, is getting married to President Obama’s former secret service agent, Shaun West. Kristen asked Malia and Sasha to stand as her bridesmaids.

The wedding will reportedly be a very elegant event with $300,000 spent on a wedding planner and will have R&B stars Ledisi, Eric Benet, and Kenny Lattimore perform. DJ B-Hen will also be there.

Michelle will be at the wedding with her daughters, but President Obama isn’t expected to attend.

Malia and Sasha Obama are young and are scrutinized for what a lot of teenagers do — or try to get away with. The difference is they’ve lived a significant portion of their childhood before the American public. The Obamas will remain in Washington, D.C., after the new president takes over until Sasha graduates high school. She’s currently a sophomore at Sidwell Friends, a private school for Washington elites.

Malia is taking a year off from school and plans to begin her studies at Harvard in the fall of 2017.

President Obama is probably counting down the days until he leaves the nation’s highest office. It’s challenging enough having one daughter in the news over partying sprees, but having Sasha Obama in a party scandal might be a bit too much.

[Featured Image by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images]