‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Eric’s Medical Crisis Sparks Chaos And Panic As Family Members Take Sides And Make Big Plays

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of October 3 tease that there is plenty of Forrester family drama on the way. Eric’s condition remains quite serious, and Quinn is facing a lot of pushback from Ridge and Steffy when it comes to standing by her man. People will be forced to take sides, and there are hints swirling that twists and turns are on the way.

Steffy and Quinn were having an intense discussion during Friday’s show, and many B&B viewers were even finding themselves rooting for the new Mrs. Forrester in this one. The conflict between the two women continues into Monday’s episode, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps detail that Steffy will remain determined to get her mother-in-law away from her family.

However, Quinn is determined to stay by Eric’s side no matter how much his family tries to interfere. Steffy seemingly will question whether the marriage certificate was signed and in effect while Ridge will soon be getting some juicy information from Carter. As everybody saw last week, Carter found the paperwork that Eric was supposed to sign regarding his medical directive and power of attorney, and the buzz is that Forrester will have named Quinn as the one with the power over Ridge.

Carter will be working to track down Ridge and tell him all of this, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central reveal that Ridge will convince Carter to keep this information to himself. Apparently, Carter will agree, and Ridge will be acting as if he has authority to be making decisions on Eric’s behalf. As a result, he will be banning Quinn from visiting Forrester at the hospital, and he will also boot her from the family mansion.

Other family members will remain at the hospital, expressing their worry and regret for all that has transpired. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that there will be news regarding Eric’s prognosis in the next few episodes, but it also sounds as if his condition will remain critical for much of this month. Ridge will need to consider a change of course as he faces doing the right thing for his father versus doing what he believes is best for the family and the business in regards to pushing Quinn away.

Wyatt has taken a risk and defended his mother and this new marriage and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that this continues. He will talk about how he has never seen Eric so happy, and it seems that many others will be quite surprised by his stance. Is he now willing to sacrifice his marriage to Steffy to defend Quinn in hers? It is looking that way, and this may be the last straw for Steffy.

Caroline will finally return during Wednesday’s show, and many will be curious to see exactly what comes next for her considering how close Thomas and Sasha have grown in her absence. Ivy is still in the mix of things in Los Angeles as well, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that she will make yet another play for reuniting with Liam. Viewers can expect more fireworks ahead between Ivy and Steffy, and Carter will start to second guess his decision to stay mum about the paperwork issue.

Where is Brooke in all of this? Some B&B fans have questioned her absence, considering how close she is to Eric. The Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week don’t note anything about her specifically, but there are hints that she will be popping up and all of this Forrester drama is sure to have an impact on her plans regarding marrying Bill and gaining his shares to the company.

Will Ridge’s deception and the worry over Eric spark the old, sneaky Quinn to return or has her love for Forrester really changed her? Will Liam seize this opportunity to get closer to Steffy now that she is in such a frenzied state and surely about to become worse as she sees Wyatt’s support for his mother? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that things will be intense during the week of October 3 and viewers will not want to miss a minute of the action.

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