WWE News: Chris Jericho On If CM Punk Will Ever Return To The WWE, Could It Work?

No matter the circumstance, CM Punk continues to be in the WWE news cycle. Whether it’s a rumor for his return, which is a farce at this stage, or if it’s a WWE star commenting on a potential return, Punk is a fixture of professional wrestling. He isn’t close to coming back and may never return to the WWE. The Chicago-native is fresh off a demolition at the hands of Mickey Gall at UFC 203. It’s as if Punk never had a chance.

Gall took the smart approach and used his MMA background to his advantage, something that Punk doesn’t have the ability to utilize. He took Punk down with a double-leg takedown and began to throw punches by the second. It only took a few minutes before Gall locked in a submission to make the former-WWE World Heavyweight champion tap out in the first round. For WWE fans, it was a first look at what Punk can do in the octagon.

CM Punk UFC 203

It’s back to the drawing board for CM Punk. His UFC contract was scheduled for multiple fights, but after what happened to Gall, it’s unclear as to if he’ll actually fight the rest of his contract. Dana White has said in the past month that he’s unsure if he should stay in the UFC or go build his credentials elsewhere. If the fight was competitive for both fighters, then White’s answer would be very different. Punk seems very passionate about MMA, and the WWE Universe knows that happens when Punk has something in his heart.

In the aforementioned paragraph, a popular question in the WWE is still if CM Punk will return to the company that gave him worldwide fame. Without a UFC destination complete, his future is technically up in the air. SportsKeeda captured an interview by Chael Sonnen where Chris Jericho was asked about a potential CM Punk return to the WWE.

“I never expected him to be a one-and-done type of guy. What I actually thought was going to happen was he’ll have a couple of UFC fights, win, lose or draw, and after go into commentating or interviewing because then, he could come at it from the standpoint of he knows what it’s like to be inside of that octagon.

“It would be a big deal for him to come back to WWE, but I don’t know if he would ever. I mean, never say never. Dusty Rhodes came back. Bret Hart came back. I’m sure, at some point, he’ll come through.”

This comes as a huge coincidence because in an earlier report by the Inquisitr, John Cena was asked the same question and his answer was somewhat similar to Jericho’s. Cena is optimistic that if it was best for business, Vince McMahon would bring back the Voices of the Voiceless. Even though Tyron Woodley has an opponent in mind for CM Punk, he still doesn’t belong in the UFC, according to many WWE fans and enthusiasts.


He is needed in the WWE, way more than he is in the UFC. The UFC will continue to do well given that they build stars in the proper way. Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey still bring a ton of ratings to the table. However, it’s the WWE that isn’t succeeding.

WWE Raw has never been more stale. Their stars aren’t getting over with the casual audience and the feuds aren’t interesting. Now, it’s not consistent throughout the entire WWE. WWE NXT is doing very well and so is Smackdown Live. Punk could enhance a bad Raw show and add to his legacy. Jericho and Cena seem to think it may happen.

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