Vicki Gunvalson On Rumors About Shannon Beador’s Marriage: ‘I’ve Heard It From Numerous People’

Vicki Gunvalson appeared to be open to working things out with Shannon Beador recently on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but when Shannon said that she had no interest in being friends with Vicki again, Gunvalson decided to pull out her guns. Rather than just ignore Beador and move on from the failed relationship, Vicki is now finding herself spreading rumors about her former friend and her sometimes troubled marriage.

Vicki knows that Shannon was devastated by her husband’s affair and her troubles with her mother-in-law, Donna Beador, and yet, Gunvalson feels it is alright to talk about the affair and the mistress with her Real Housewives of Orange County costars.

According to a new Bravo report, Vicki Gunvalson is now revealing that the gossip she decided to share with the other ladies is actually gossip she has heard from other sources. In other words, there may not be any validity to the rumors and yet, she feels comfortable sharing the news. Vicki Gunvalson told her Real Housewives of Orange County costars that Shannon’s husband David enjoyed his mistress more than his wife and would invite her to family dinners at his mother’s house instead of inviting his wife.

“I’ve heard it from numerous people what I said at the mud spa to be true, and even Heather heard it too and backed me up. Thank you, Heather. The difference between Shannon and I, is I hope she’s happy, I really do but I’m DONE with her continuing her go on her rants about me, my character, and my family. We have one life to live and my mantra is to be the best you can be while living and to be happy. I’m trying my best, but she is testing me,” Vicki Gunvalson revealed in her Bravo blog, sharing that she may have shared the news about Shannon simply because she felt she was being tested by her costar.


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On last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gunvalson also shared the news that she’s working with a charity called Kill All Cancer to fight cancer. Maybe she herself is trying to clear her name after the Brooks Ayers cancer scandal that rocked both Orange County and the entire reality television world last year. These days, Brooks is living in Florida and he has no interest in speaking with Vicki Gunvalson, even though Vicki keeps asking people to talk to him to get answers – not her.

“I can’t stop thinking about how fortunate I am of where my life is compared to this same time last year. My insurance agency is growing more than it has ever has, I am in an amazing relationship with my boyfriend Steve, my children and grandchildren are happy and healthy and I have wonderful friends surrounding me. What more could I want. I think every time life knocks you down, it’s a testament on how you recover from it,” Vicki Gunvalson reveals in her blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County, sharing that she’s doing much better these days.

Of course, Vicki’s company did take a hit after the cancer scandal, but it sounds like her customers and clients realize that she didn’t have much to do with his lies, and they have returned as loyal customers of her business. In addition, Gunvalson reveals that she’s now dating a loving man, who may not be on The Real Housewives of Orange County next season. Vicki Gunvalson may have learned her lesson about keeping her love life separate from the show.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson’s comments about Shannon Beador’s marriage? Do you think it is wise for her to spread rumors about her costar considering these rumors are just hearsay?

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