New MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors: Release Date, Specs, Price – Everything We Know So Far

Apple’s final event of 2016 is expected to be just around the corner, with the company expected to dedicate their October showing to the Mac lineup. Of course, most prominent of that lineup will be the new 2016 model MacBook Pro, which now looks to be almost certainly shown off by Apple. So what do we know so far about Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro? In this article, we’ll take a look at the new laptop’s release date, specs and price ahead of Apple’s official announcement.

When will the new MacBook Pro be released?

As it stands, according to Gamenguide, the new 2016 model MacBook Pro is expected to hit shelves before the end of this month. Analysts have pinned down a possible release date of October 24, which seems plausible considering the release of previous MacBook models and close proximity to the holiday season. However, an official confirmation of the 2016 MacBook Pro’s release date won’t come until Apple themselves unveil the device, with the company known for being tight-lipped with such information.

With the aforementioned predicted release date in mind, Apple typically shows off their new products a few weeks prior to release. If that’s a trend the company chooses to follow with their latest MacBook Pro, we could potentially see the laptop unveiled within a week or so, which would definitely excite Apple fans.


How much will the new MacBook Pro cost?

When it comes to pricing, the MacBook Pro has always been Apple’s most expensive laptop. In fact, it’s always been one of the most expensive laptops available on the market. As it stands, those in the market for a new laptop shouldn’t expect a big change with the 2016 model MacBook Pro. Apple is widely expected to follow a similar pricing structure to the 2015 MacBook Pro with their new model, with users able to choose from a series of 13-inch and 15-inch base models and upgrading specs where necessary.


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What new features and specs will the MacBook Pro introduce?

Apple’s new MacBook Pro would be all but pointless without new specs and features. Thankfully, according to The Week, the 2016 model will see Apple’s biggest overhaul of the MacBook Pro to date, introducing a range of groundbreaking new features and internal specs to match.

Arguably the most prominently speculated of those features is an OLED touch bar. Analysts now see it as a certainty that Apple will release the top row of keys on the MacBook Pro’s keyboard with an OLED touch bar that will change depending on how the laptop is being used. The feature is now so widely expected that several artists have begun mocking up what an OLED touch bar would look like on the new MacBook Pro, with one render showing how Spotify could be controlled using the touch bar.


The inclusion of such a touch bar and a generally slimmed down keyboard will reportedly allow Apple to completely slim down the profile of the MacBook Pro. What’s more, USB-C is quickly becoming the standard for Apple’s laptops, which is a trend they’re expected to follow in order to further slim down the Pro model. Meanwhile, Apple still plans to make the new MacBook Pro faster and last longer than ever before, packing in an improved GPU and battery in the new model.

With Apple now expected to be moving rapidly towards launch with the MacBook Pro, the laptop could be in the hands of users by the end of the month.

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