‘Teen Mom OG’ Rumors: Farrah Abraham Reveals Plans To Teach Daughter About Sex

In her continuing quest to earn the Mother of the Century title, the latest Teen Mom OG rumors about Farrah Abraham suggest that the star is getting ready to have a very important talk with her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia. Namely, the Teen Mom OG star is going to talk to her daughter about sex!

That’s according to the latest Teen Mom OG rumors reported by The Daily Mail, who reports that Farrah plans to use old episodes of 16 & Pregnant — the MTV show that first brought her to the forefront of fame and stardom — as “a big tool” in helping her daughter understand the consequences of sex.

“I public speak with teenagers and get to do fun things and awareness campaign. I think that’s really gotten me ready as a public speaker and gotten me ready to talk to my daughter more so than anything. I handle things and I communicate. I’m educated and I can talk through my frustrations or my emotions. … I wouldn’t want to create more of a stress, but I would always want to set her up for success. I’m trying to have her utilize all the wonderful things that we’ve been given from being on TV in a positive way from financial things to setting her up.”

Teen Mom OG Rumors
Farrah Abraham is frequently the subject of many "Teen Mom OG" rumors. [Image by Steven Henry/Getty Images]

Farrah had better utilize all of the episodes of 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom OG that she can because other Teen Mom OG rumors suggest that she’s about to get kicked off the show. According to The Hollywood Gossip, there is currently a petition on the Change.org website to get Farrah booted off the show, and it’s reached a staggering 75,000 signatures. The petitioners, who make up a substantial portion of Teen Mom OG‘s core fanbase, insist that Farrah is single-handedly destroying the show, and they want her removed before the show is cancelled.

“We, the fans, will not accept yet another transparent ‘intervention check-up hour’ with Dr. Drew for Farrah — been there done that. It accomplishes nothing and does not address the real issue: We want her gone. Not all drama is ‘good drama’ and continuing to have Farrah on this show is incredibly inappropriate to the tone as well as the message of this show. The fans are loyal and the other three girls can easily carry the series without compromising MTV’s original commitment to create a show that facilitates community, respect, education and support for young mothers.”

And the bad news for Farrah continues as Starcasm‘s latest round of Teen Mom OG rumors take her new look to task for being “tacky” and “self-indulgent.”

Teen Mom OG Rumors
Are the latest "Teen Mom OG" rumors about Farrah Abraham true? [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

Unbelievably, Farrah’s latest physical change didn’t happen in a plastic surgeon’s office — it happened in a hair salon. That’s right, Farrah has dyed her hair a shocking white-blonde color and the results are, well, interesting.

Farrah got her new look courtesy of Eve Chen at the Melange NYC salon, where she was visiting PR superstar Johnny Donovan to celebrate his 30th birthday bash. And though fans were treated to a sneak peek of her new look courtesy of Snapchat, there were some who were incredulous about the change because of the site’s distorting “filters.” Nevertheless, Farrah made sure that fans knew the change was real by subsequently posting a photo of her new look on Instagram.

And because Farrah can’t do anything without the cameras around, MTV producers Larry and Heather were also seen on social media in the salon with her.

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