Brad Pitt Dead? Suicide Death Hoax Goes Viral Since Angelina Jolie Split

Actor Brad Pitt, who split from wife Angelina Jolie last month, has been a victim of a suicide hoax that went viral. The fake death news story is circulating on Facebook and may spread malware to your computer.

Brad Pitt is not dead. The death hoax caught attention due to the actor’s split from Angelina Jolie, which made the dead rumors more believable to many users on Facebook. Some fans believed that Brad Pitt reacted to his breakup by committed suicide. However, the story is completely false.


According to TMZ, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce due to Brad Pitt smoking weed, drinking alcohol as well as anger issues with their children.

Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston for five years. Angelina Jolie then got a lot of media attention when she met Pitt on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They were subject to infidelity rumors, and they were seen together one month after Pitt finalized his divorce.

The hot couple were soon dubbed Brangelina and they got engaged after seven years together in 2012. After about two years of marriage, one of Hollywood’s most famous couples split unexpectedly.

While cheating rumors surfaced, it seems that their split is over Brad Pitt’s alleged drug abuse and hot temper.


More information will come to light as Brad Pitt fights back during what could become a bitter divorce proceeding.

Brad Pitt death rumors emerged right after their split announcement. Some fans suspect that the death hoax was put out by PR people. However, Brad Pitt suicide rumors follow many death hoaxes that have been circulating on Facebook.

Jaden Smith, Miley Cyrus and Sylvester Stallone were also subject to viral death hoaxes that led many fans to believe some of their favorite entertainers may have died.

The Brad Pitt death hoax appears to bait users into clicking the post and giving up their information.


The hackers are using the media interest on Brad Pitt to bait unsuspecting victims to give up their information. Angelina Jolie was also subject to a suicide death hoax in August of this year.

According to US Magazine, Brad Pitt is struggling with the divorce but is alive and well.

“He can’t believe this is what his life has become and he’s in bad shape but the kids are the only thing he’s hanging onto,” a source tells US Magazine of the 52-year-old 12 Years a Slave actor. “He’s been leaning heavily on his family and speaks to his parents and close friends and his manager constantly. His mom has been talking to him constantly.”

On Friday, September 30, reports stated that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had reached a temporary arrangement that allows Brad Pitt to see his children Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8. It is unclear whether his visits will be supervised or not.

Brad Pitt has not responded to his death rumors. The actor was investigated by child services as part of his divorce. The results of the case could help Pitt get joint custody of his children. According to US Magazine, a divorce lawyer said the following.

“It might actually just be a way to deal with this and put down all these rumors in a very short, fast, quick period of time that will not involve a whole huge scandal where the kids and their lives and their past and everything is dragged through public media,” Hossein Berenji said. “So there is a benefit I can see to both sides, and I can see why both sides might be willing to go through this process and get this done.”

Brad Pitt did not commit suicide and the actor is still alive. Where did you first see the “Brad Pitt dead” or “Brad Pitt suicide” rumors?

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