Chrissy Teigen, Piers Morgan, And More React To Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery

Chrissy Teigen reacts to Kim Kardashian Paris robbery

Chrissy Teigen has come to the defense of Kim Kardashian West—and celebrities in general—in the aftermath of the terrifying armed robbery in Paris that resulted in the high-profile reality star being robbed of millions of dollars in jewels.

Kardashian, who came to Paris for Fashion Week with her mother and two of her sisters, was held at gunpoint and robbed by five men wearing ski masks, according to People. The wife of Kanye West was reportedly tied up and locked in the bathroom of the private Paris mansion she was sleeping in while the robbers took two cell phones and $10 million dollars worth of jewelry. While Kim was physically unharmed, the mom of two is said to be “badly shaken.” Ironically, the incident occurred just a few hours after Kim gave a shout-out to her security team via an Instagram post featuring one of her bodyguards, Pascal Duvier.

This guy is always in my shot!

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While the headline-making Paris robbery has already resulted in hundreds of mean-spirited memes and backlash from haters who feel that Kardashian doesn’t deserve any sympathy, Chrissy Teigen called out haters who have no idea what it is like to live life as a celebrity.

Chrissy Teigen quickly came to her pal’s defense, writing, “Some s— just isn’t funny. I see you trying, but it isn’t.”

Teigen, who is married to singer John Legend, also wrote that it is not easy to be a celebrity in this age of social media.

“Fame is interesting,” Chrissy wrote. “Celebs are supposed to love you guys while also knowing you’d make a meme of our dead bodies to get retweets.”

While several people said Kardashian doesn’t deserve sympathy because she seeks out fame and still has millions of dollars, Teigen went on to say that fame isn’t always awesome and that she doesn’t expect people to get it. Chrissy wrote that while she isn’t begging people to pity her rich friend, she just wishes there was more empathy in the world, in general.

In addition to Chrissy Teigen, several other celebrities spoke out after news of the robbery broke, including talk show host Piers Morgan, who has been vocal about the famous reality TV family in the past—and not always in a good way. Comedian James Corden also lashed out at haters who seem to forget that the Kim is “a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend.”

Indeed, while no one deserves to be robbed at gunpoint in a hotel room, if it happens, there’s no better person to have your back than Chrissy Teigen, as evidenced by the lengthy series of tweets she wrote in her pal’s defense. Chrissy Teigen is close friends with Kim. In fact, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star even hosted Chrissy’s baby shower earlier this year. Teigen first bonded with her future bestie in a bathroom when she helped zip her up, and they’ve been in each other’s inner circles ever since. Kim posted about her first encounter with Chrissy in an “Inner Circle” chat on her app.

“The night Chrissy and I first met, we bonded in the bathroom while she helped zip me up,” the reality star wrote. “We became good friends pretty fast after that, LOL!”

Chrissy admitted that she had been nervous about meeting the woman who would turn out to be one of her closest friends, but once she was wearing Spanx she felt like she was “normal.” Chrissy also credited Kim with helping her to find her doctor for IVF.

Take a look at the video below to see Chrissy Teigen defending her close friend over another issue earlier this year.

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