‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Starter Evolution Official Reveal Imminent: What Will We See?

Ever since Pokemon Sun and Moon, along with the games’ three starters, were announced back on May 10, Pokemon fans around the globe have been lighting up the internet with speculations about the upcoming titles. A large portion of that speculation revolves around the evolutions for the starters – Rowlet, the grass-type, Litten, the fire-type, and Popplio, the water-type. Theories about the starter evolutions have ranged from pure guesswork to basically 100 percent confirmed leaks covered by The Inquisitr, but the advent of The Pokemon Company’s official starter evolution reveal as well as much more information about the nature of the starter evolutions is finally upon us and will likely be included in the reveal scheduled for tomorrow (October 4) at 9 a.m. EST.

Many Pokemon fans on Reddit’s dedicated Pokemon forums, such as Rocky56789 and Araiss, note that the evolutions for the starters for Pokemon X and Y were not revealed until the month before the games were released. Several posters on PokeCommunity add that this trend has stayed constant for most of the Pokemon main series game releases — at least, as far as official reveals are concerned.

Pokemon fans don’t usually see all three stages during the one-month-before official reveal; the final stages of the starters are not generally revealed at all until the main series Pokemon games are released.

This may seem at first like disappointing news, but seeing the design of a Pokemon’s middle stage as opposed to its basic form actually gives a very good idea of the direction in which the Pokemon’s evolutionary line is going. Just look at the Pokemon X and Y starter evolutionary lines for evidence. It would be nearly impossible to guess that the fire-type Fennekin would evolve into a bipedal witch-fox amalgamation (Delphox) until seeing Braixen, who possesses many of the same features as the final evo. It’s the same story with the evolution of Chespin into Chesnaught, a link that would be hard for any Pokemon fan to predict until seeing Quilladin. Froakie to Greninja is a little harder to predict via the middle stage, as Frogadier looks very little like Greninja, but you get the idea.

Even though the final starter evolutions can only be guessed at until Pokemon Sun and Moon are actually released, the Pokemon fan forums mentioned above make another point worth mentioning: the final forms of the starter Pokemon are almost always leaked before release. The timing of the leaks varies, as it was only a few days for Pokemon X and Y’s final starter evolutions and months for Pokemon Black and White. That likely means one of two things for the Pokemon Sun and Moon faithful: either we can expect the final forms to leak very soon – release is on November 18 – or they have already been leaked! It seems like a very definite possibility, as the final starter evolutions alluded to in the already-proven-accurate Chinese leak have a lot of evidence backing up their legitimacy for Pokemon fans.

That being said, there is also a good amount of evidence that Pokemon Sun and Moon’s three starters will each have two distinct final evolutions, a theory covered in depth by The Inquisitr. Maybe that means the archer/wrestler/siren leak referenced above is not, in fact, accurate, or maybe it means we have only seen part of the final starter Pokemon evolutions. If the latter is the case, it seems quite likely that the rest will be leaked in the next four or five weeks.

For now, though, Pokemon fans can look forward to what is right in front of them – the middle stage starter evolutions – which history indicates will probably be revealed in tomorrow’s news dump at 9 a.m. EST. The reveal will come by way of an officially commissioned trailer posted on Pokemon’s Youtube channel.

And as always, Train On, Pokemon fans!

[Featured Image by Koji Sasahara/AP Images]