Creepy Clown Sightings Reach Idaho, With One Allegedly Seen Carrying A Machete

Creepy clown sightings have reached Idaho after several weeks of the disturbing trend largely remaining in the eastern and southern part of the nation. Police departments in different areas of Idaho are now investigating reports of people seen dressed as “creepy clowns.”

The Idaho Statesman reports that a Facebook post by the Nampa Police Department informed citizens that it’s aware of the social media posts “regarding clowns in Nampa.” The department strongly urges people to let authorities handle the creepy clown situation. The NPD is “taking precautions” and wants people to refrain from seeking out the clowns because they’re only adding to the problem.

NPD Sgt. Rob Wiggins confirmed that the department has received calls from many residents claiming to have seen people dressed in clown costumes. In one instance, a clown was allegedly spotted carrying a machete.

Wiggins said that by the time officers get to the location, the creepy clowns are gone. At one point, officers discovered children wearing face paint and carrying balloons.

A significant amount of creepy clown sightings have been fabricated, but Wiggins said the NPD intends to treat the reports as seriously as any other calls they get.

“If residents do happen to run across somebody dressed as a clown and they have a weapon — or they’re not sure if it’s real or not — call us, and we’ll deal with that,” Wiggins said. “If they’re just a person walking down the street with a clown costume, there’s not much we can do.”

Wiggins anticipates that there will be some individuals out there who dress as clowns because of the social media frenzy.

According to a Facebook post, a bright colored van was spotted with three people inside it dressed as clowns. The Facebook caption reads “KLOWN CAR IN KUNA!”

The Twin Falls Times-News reported on more ominous threats of creepy clowns. In Wendell, there was a reported anonymous text sent to a teen warning that a clown would be coming to his high school. In a separate instance, a clown allegedly chased people down a street.

Similar claims of harassment on Facebook were reported in North Idaho, according to the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office.

“The harassment included Facebook messages threatening to exhibit stalking behavior and violence,” said one press release by the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office. “Upon further investigation, deputies found many other instances of the exact same harassing behavior occurring all over the country. These instances all involve fake Facebook pages belonging to people dressed or identifying themselves as clowns and making very disturbing threats involving stalking and violence.”

The creepy clown epidemic began in late August in South Carolina with some intending harm to others. As the weeks progressed, the creepy clown threats worked their way into Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Arizona, and other states. While many have been hoaxes spanning across the country, 12 were arrested for making false threats and chasing people while dressed as clowns. In Arizona, several teenagers were arrested and investigated for threats made against almost 24 schools in the Phoenix area.

NBC News reports that the creepy clown threats have forced elementary, middle, and high schools to shut down in Ohio. Alabama, Florida and Georgia had police patrols added due to the spike in online threats.

There’s also suspicion that the creepy clown sightings and threats could be linked to the Stephen King movie remake of It. Add to that, Halloween is at the end of this month. It’s unknown what’s motivating the strange and sinister-like craze, but the threats are being taken seriously.

[Featured Image by Eldin Hoid/iStock Images]