Kim Kardashian Robbed Of $10 Million In Jewelry By 5 Men With Guns: Kim Gets Instagram Gun Emoji Comments — Kanye Stops Show [Video]

Kim Kardashian’s Paris jaunt has been fraught with scary events for Kim. As reported by the Inquisitr, Kardashian already had to endure Vitalii Sediuk trying to kiss her butt. Photos of that attack on Kim can be seen in the below photo gallery of Kardashian in Paris. Now the fact that Kim was robbed at gunpoint and tied up in a luxury Paris townhouse — photos of the 7 Rue Tronchet private hotel residence can be seen online — is making even more buzz.


Now, according to E! News, Kim was held at gunpoint by two or three men who wore masks and pretended to be police officers. Kardashian’s rep said that the incident — which took place inside of Kim’s hotel room — left Kardashian shaken up emotionally in a bad way, although Kim was not physically hurt.

As seen in the below photo, Kardashian shopped at the Givenchy Store during Paris Fashion Week on September 29.

Kim robbed
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Kanye was also with Kim that day, a few days prior to Kardashian being held at gunpoint.

kim kanye robbed
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According to the above tweet from CNN, Kim was held at gunpoint by three men, while other publications claim two men held Kim at gunpoint.

“Kim Kardashian West was held up at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel room this evening, by two armed masked men dressed as police officers. She is badly shaken but physically unharmed.”

Update: As reported by Le Perisien, there were five men who held Kim at gunpoint.

The news of Kim being held at gunpoint also shook Kanye West, who cut his concert short in Queens at the Meadows Music & Arts Festival — and forced the venue to post the following message on Twitter about the cancellation.


Folks on Twitter responded to Kanye ending his concert, with some of them obviously not knowing the gravity of the situation of Kim being held at gunpoint. West called Kardashian being held at gunpoint a “family emergency” that was the reason for Kanye cutting his “Heartless” performance short.

As seen in the following video, Kanye abruptly stops his show and apologizes for doing so. However, some folks in the crowd begin cursing in shock and disbelief that West is leaving his concert.

On her own Twitter account, Kim has not yet responded to the scary Paris incident of being held at gunpoint — nor have many details spilled to the press about why Kardashian was held at gunpoint. It isn’t known if the two men who posed as cops and held Kim at gunpoint were seeking money or something else at this point.


According to the “7/27 World Tour” Twitter account below, the men who held Kim at gunpoint allegedly stole one million dollars worth of jewelry from Kim.

Update: CNN reports the robbery included approximately $10 million in jewelry and other fare.


The Instagram account of Kim does not yet make mention of Kardashian being held at gunpoint, however, Kim is collecting plenty of comments online with folks wishing her well.

People are posting prayers and the like for Kim and her children to remain safe.


According to the Twitter account of Joe Berg, initially Kanye was not going to leave his concert until the man who came onstage to tell West the news about Kim being held at gunpoint compelled Kanye to leave with him.


Some folks on Twitter recognize how scary it must have been for both Kim and Kanye — seeing as though Kim was the one who was held at gunpoint in Paris — and Kanye was all the way in New York when it happened.

Sample comments about Kim being held at gunpoint in Paris from social media can be read below.

“You need to ask for Beyonce’s bodyguard.”

“Praying for your happiness, hope that you recover.”

“All these comments laughing and these people that are happy @kimkardashian getting robbed. You guys are all horrid. Seriously. Don’t forget karma always comes back.”

“How scary, sorry to hear this and hope you are ok.”

“Hope you are ok Kim protect yourself and your children.Your security needs to be looked at. Take care from Australia.”

“Damn they for sure stole her wedding ring.”

“I can’t imagine how it must have felt. So sorry and I’m glad to hear no physical harm happened. ❤”

Unfortunately, some of the comments that Kardashian is receiving includes gun emojis on Kim’s Instagram account.

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