‘Force Of Will’ Movie Trailer, Based On Japanese Trading Card Game, Reveals Unholy Marriage Of H.P. Lovecraft And Cthulhu With Anime [Video]

Looks like Japan is working on an anime adaption of one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most-beloved creations: Cthulhu. Anime entertainment news are now reporting there will be an anime movie based off the card game, Force of Will.

According to an article written by Kotaku, it reports that the official YouTube channel for the Force of Will anime movie adaption began to stream its first trailer on Sunday, October 2. It concentrates on “L.S.,” the Cthulhu myth-based short story that will appear in the film itself, which is an anthology. It has been confirmed there will be six short films in the anthology (similar to The Animatrix). Shuhei Morita will be directing “L.S.”

The staff working on “L.S.” did provide a unique synopsis for it as provided with the short video trailer. Apparently, “words” play an important role in the story.

“«My nightmares will spread around the whole world……»

Fiction and reality seen by a young girl haunted by «Word». An evil giant who threatens the world, extraordinary creatures, and the ‘word battle’ of a charming girl. Birth of an unprecedented mysterious dark fantasy.”

It is not known exactly why certain parts of the synopsis are enclosed in arrowed brackets, but they must play a very important part in the “L.S.” mystery.

Force of Will, L.S., anime
"Force of Will" is an anthology movie consisting of six stories based off the popular Japanese card game. One of the stories titled "L.S." concentrates on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulu mythos. [Image by YAMATOWORKS]

In a follow-up article written by Anime News Network, it reports details of the six shorts that will appear in the Force of Will anthology film. Besides utilizing Cthulhu of H.P. Lovecraft, they utilize other popular stories including Journey to the West, and the Zombie Apocalypse.

  1. Cthulhu
    A Cthulhu mythology-based short
    Director: Shuhei Morita (Tokyo Ghoul, Possessions)
    Character Design: Tatsuyuki Tanaka (Tojin Kit, Buki yo Saraba)
    Producer: Shigetaka Mochizuki
    Assistant Producer: Maiko Aida
    Studio: Yamato Works
  2. Monkey King
    A Journey to the West-inspired short
    Director: Yuichiro Hayashi (Garo the Animation, Garo: Divine Flame)
    CG Director: Makoto Kanemoto (Garo the Animation)
    Character Design: Hidetaka Tenjin (mechanical art for Macross Zero, Aquarion Evol,Macross Frontier)
    Producer: Shigetaka Mochizuki
    Assistant Producer: Maiko Aida
    Studio: TWR Entertainment
  3. Zombie
    A zombie-themed short
    Director: Shin’ya Sugai (CGI director for Gatchaman Crowds insight, Rage of Bahamut Genesis)
    Character Design: Hidekazu Shimamura (Chaos;HEAd, Nodame Cantabile)
    Mechanical Design: Takayuki Yanase (Mobile Suit Gundam 00, EUREKA SEVEN AO,Valvrave the Liberator)
    Producer: Shigetaka Mochizuki
    Assistant Producer: Maiko Aida
    Studio: Sublimation
  4. Pinocchio
    A short based on the classic Pinocchio story
    Director, Scriptwriter, CG Director: Kohta Morie (CG Animation, Koi☆Sento)
    Producer: Shigetaka Mochizuki
    Assistant Producer: Maiko Aida
  5. Raam: The Bridge to Lanka
    A short based on the Ramayana
    Director: Veerapatra Jinanavin
    Script: Sornperes Subsermsri
    Character Design: Chakrit Nonkome
    Producer: Panida Dheva-aksorn, Takeshi Hirata, Shuuhei Kumamoto
    Assistant Producer: Juthathip Niramonpisan, Yuka Matsushita
    Studio: RiFF Studio
  6. Dragon
    An original fairy tale story with a parent and child
    Director, Character Design: Makiko Suzuki (key animation for Arrietty)
    Studio: GranSky Studios

As for the Force of Will card game, it is still continuing to add more cards to the game that plays a lot like any other card collection game such as Pokémon or Magic: The Gathering. The Force of Will card game official United States website are always releasing teasers and news on the game. For example, they released a first look at the Moonlit Savior Water Ruler back in January.

Each short story will be about 15 minutes long in length and as mentioned earlier, features a different concept of the card game. The Force of Will movie is expected to open sometime in 2018.

[Featured Image by YAMATOWORKS]