Teresa Giudice’s Daughter Gia Criticizes Jacqueline Laurita On Twitter Over Treatment Of Mom And Melissa Gorga

Gia Giudice did not like how Jacqueline Laurita spoke to her mom, Teresa Giudice, and aunt, Melissa Gorga, during their Vermont trip. As the latest The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired on Sunday night, which showed Jacqueline screaming at Teresa and Melissa during a group dinner, Gia made it clear on social media that she disapproves of how Jacqueline behaved.

Gia tweeted that “some women have nerve” and that they should think before they talk as well as have respect. Gia made it clear that she was talking about what was being shown on Real Housewives by including the show’s hashtag in her tweet.


Some people told Gia that she, as a minor, shouldn’t be tweeting about what happened between the women. Some even took Jacqueline’s side, telling Gia that it was her mother and aunt who behaved poorly. Yet most of the comments that Gia received on her tweet were supportive. People told her that she’s mature for her age and that Jacqueline could learn how to behave from her.

Teresa approved of her daughter’s tweet. “Tell em’ baby,” Teresa wrote.


Unlike Gia’s tweet, Teresa’s tweet received a lot more negative responses. Many people commented that Teresa shouldn’t be encouraging her 14-year-old daughter to comment on adult matters and get involved in the fight with Jacqueline. Some even accused Teresa of recruiting her daughter to do her dirty work.

While Melissa didn’t comment on Gia’s tweet, she did re-tweet what her niece wrote.

In addition to pretty much telling Jacqueline to grow up, Gia proclaimed that her family will come back stronger than ever. Gia added a hashtag stating that haters will hate on her family no matter what. No doubt Gia now considers Jacqueline to be one of her family’s “haters.”


On Saturday, Teresa, who has starred on the show since the very first season and has been involved in a lot of the show’s most memorable fights throughout the seasons, tweeted that she couldn’t believe what she saw when she previewed the upcoming episode. She added that it is may be the craziest episode ever.


As the episode was about to air on Sunday, Teresa warned viewers that they’re about to see something very explosive.


Teresa Giudice then posted a tweet that directly responded to Jacqueline Laurita’s claim that she has “soldiers” do her dirty work. Teresa posted a photo of herself with her four daughters and said that they’re her soldiers.


Like Teresa, Melissa Gorga still can’t believe what actually happened in Vermont. Prior to The Real Housewives of New Jersey airing, Melissa called the episode “cray cray.” She admitted that the only way she can describe it is with “wow!”


As the episode aired, Melissa posted a tweet that denied Jacqueline’s claim that she’s fake and phony. Melissa wrote that “family is family” and that she needs to keep her husband and children together and happy. Melissa pointed out that doing such a thing is not fake but is very real.


What did Melissa mean by her tweet? Throughout the episodes this season, Melissa has said numerous times that a big reason why she reconciled with Teresa is because it made her husband, Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga, happy to not be caught in the middle and to have a unified family again. It also meant peace for her in-laws, who at one point were estranged from Joe and Melissa because of their fighting with Teresa. Melissa may have also meant that she wants to keep her three children close to their cousins, the Giudice girls.

Jacqueline, meanwhile, didn’t post any tweets as the episode aired. She did, however, post a message about empathy and narcissism. “#TeamEmpathetic,” Jacqueline wrote, making it clear that she believes that she’s guilty of having empathy for Teresa and Melissa, two women who turned out to be narcissists.


On Monday morning, Jacqueline thanked her supporters for seeing what she did. She teased that the truth is coming.


Just how crazy was the latest The Real Housewives of New Jersey episode? During a group dinner, after the departure of Robyn Levy and her wife after Robyn’s fight with Jacqueline the night before, Teresa made it clear that she blamed Jacqueline for Robyn’s departure. While Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania defended Jacqueline, Teresa pretty much called her “manipulative” and “calculated.” Teresa accused Jacqueline of being the one who escalated things with Robyn. Enraged, Jacqueline calls Teresa a ” table-flipping b**ch,” referring to the moment in Season 1 when Teresa flipped a table during a group dinner in a restaurant over Danielle Staub.

Jacqueline yelled that she has been a good friend to Teresa and stood by her during her numerous fights with others over the seasons. Jacqueline mentioned a list of people Teresa used her as her “soldiers,” including Kim D., Penny, and Johnny the Greek.

Jacqueline, in an attempt to remind Melissa of what she did for her, then brought up the accusation that Melissa faced several seasons ago that she used to work as a stripper. Jacqueline said that while Teresa didn’t warn Melissa despite knowing what was coming, she did. Melissa, however, wouldn’t confirm that Jacqueline had tried to warn her.


Jacqueline, feeling betrayed by Melissa, erupted.

“You’re a fake, phony b*ch. That’s what you are. Phony! That’s what you are…Everything Teresa said about you might’ve been true…You’ve had four nose jobs!”

Teresa maintained to Melissa that she had no involvement in the stripper accusation and suggested that Jacqueline played a part in the rumor spreading.

“I think she warned you because she knew what was going down. I didn’t warn you because I didn’t know.”

Jacqueline angrily lashed out at Teresa, yelling out that she’s a “twisted b**ch” as well, along with a criminal.

A preview for next week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey episode shows the fallout of the vicious argument. Back in New Jersey, Melissa Gorga warns Siggy Flicker to be careful around Jacqueline Laurita because no one gets “a free pass” with her. The preview then shows Kim DePaola, whom, as the Inquisitr reported, Jacqueline no longer believes is one of Teresa Giudice’s “soldiers,” hinting about infidelity in Teresa’s marriage to Joe Giudice, telling Jacqueline that if she were Teresa, she wouldn’t be married to Joe.

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