Cody Rhodes Debuts At Bound For Glory, Sets Up Big TNA Feud

Cody Rhodes debuts at the Bound For Glory pay per view on Sunday, as reported by Wrestling Inc. TNA now has a brand new feud thanks to that. The mixed tag team program has the potential to challenge for the marquee feud spot in the promotion. It might also be one of the last big feuds as well.

One of the more highly anticipated moments from Bound For Glory was the Cody Rhodes debut. It has been teased for a couple of weeks now, and wrestling fans wanted to see what Rhodes would do in TNA. They also wanted to see how much of a push he would receive from management.

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis are two of the hottest acts in professional wrestling. TNA was extremely pleased when they were able to secure their services after they left ROH. Many were under the belief that they were destined to join WWE, but they opted for Total Nonstop Action instead.


Though he was living the dream of traveling the world and performing for fans with the largest sports entertainment promotion in the world, Cody Rhodes was not happy being with WWE. After years of waiting for a push from management that never came, the second generation star requested his release.

Upon leaving WWE, Cody Rhodes seemed to have found his enthusiasm for the business again. It appeared like he had found a new life. Rhodes had plenty of opportunities in the industry since he built up his name value through years of working for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Aside from working for various smaller companies on the independent wrestling circuit, Cody Rhodes has also secured a deal that will enable to live out his dream of going overseas and doing some matches for New Japan Pro Wrestling. That seems to be something that most professional wrestlers have on their bucket list.

TNA stars Cody and Brandi Rhodes
Cody and Brandi Rhodes [Image via Impact Wrestling]

Cody Rhodes has also signed a deal to work some matches for Ring of Honor. It’s a promotion that many wrestling fans consider to be one of the top five in the United States. ROH might even move up to second place soon if the rumors about TNA are true.

Over the past couple of weeks, one of the most discussed things within professional wrestling is the future of TNA. There were talks that Bound For Glory came close to being canceled because the company was unable to secure funding for the pay per view.

There were plenty of rumors floating around that TNA was going to be changing ownership. Dixie Carter no longer wants to be the majority owner of the promotion. It is a move that is welcomed by a lot of fans. There’s been a lot of people critical of Carter and her abilities to run a wrestling promotion.

TNA star Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes [Image via Impact Wrestling]

With the future of the promotion in doubt, there might be a very good chance that Cody Rhodes ends up working only one program for TNA. The former WWE Tag Team Champion purposely made sure to sign a short term contract to see what happens with the company.

TNA once shook up the wrestling world by featuring their female performers in the main event. That means that the company will not be afraid of putting Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, Mike Bennett, and Maria Kanellis in the top spot on a card.

Even if Cody Rhodes ends up doing just one feud for TNA, it should be a memorable one. Not only does he get a chance to wrestle with his wife, Rhodes now also gets a legitimate chance to be in the main event scene with a big push.

[Featured Image by Impact Wrestling]