Rolanso Lexune: Married Man Murders Girlfriend For Breaking Up With Him Because He’s Married

A Brooklyn man has been arrested for the disturbing murder of a 27-year-old woman. The series of events that led to her death have made national headlines. According to New York Daily News, Rolanso Lexune wanted the best of both worlds.

The married father of four lived a double life his girlfriend, Deneisha Smith, knew nothing about. When he wasn’t with her, he was with his wife and children. Unfortunately, she didn’t know he was married until they’d been in a relationship for quite some time. But, when she decided to cut ties with Lexune after finding out about his marriage, things took a disturbing turn for the worse.

Lexune reportedly showed up at the T-Mobile location where Smith worked and the two became embroiled in a heated argument. The altercation, which escalated into a physical fight with Lexune assaulting Smith, was caught on the store’s surveillance footage. Smith was reportedly punched and slapped by Lexune. It has also been reported that he stole approximately $400.00 from her that day.


Following the incident, Smith filed for a restraining order against her estranged ex-boyfriend. Back in July, a judge granted the request and ordered Lexune to stay away from Smith. But, Lexune refused to follow the order. On Saturday, Oct. 1, he came back to the T-Mobile repair shop and harassed her again. This time, the physical assault went much further than anyone could have imagined. Lexune allegedly choked his ex-girlfriend in a room at the repair shop. Smith’s body was dfound inside the Bedford Technology shop.

Not long after Smith’s murder, investigators were able to tie Lexune to the crime. Once again, the surveillance footage incriminated Lexune and witness interviews were also a major factor in the case. One of Smith’s neighbors, who requested anonymity, revealed she’d broken up with Lexune after learning about his wife and children. “When you realize he’s married with kids and you try to get rid of him, he kills you,” the neighbor said.

After further investigation of the surveillance footage, Lexune was identified as the man in the harrowing footage. Police began a manhunt for Lexune. But, once he was found, he refused to go down without a fight. Police revealed he stabbed himself in the stomach before he was apprehended.


Rolanso Lexune is facing murder charges for the death of Deneisha Smith. He is currently being held in custody while awaiting his arraignment. The domestic incidents that led to Smith’s death have started yet another debate about the effectiveness of restraining orders. Unfortunately, there have been many domestic incidents that have led to victims’ death even after a restraining order has been granted. Although

According to Psychology Today, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was implemented to offer victims some form of peace in knowing they’re protected by the law, but unfortunately, that hasn’t always been the case. The publication has shed light on disturbing statistics that reveal the brutally honest reality about restraining orders.

“Studies on the efficacy of TROs vary widely, with one suggesting they are effective in keeping victims safe about 85 percent of the time, while another report suggests a less optimistic 15 percent success rate.”

“The most widely reported measure of protection order effectiveness is the rate of violation. Another important measure is the specific nature of the violation (e.g., verbal contact, psychological abuse, or physical violence). The reported rates of protection order violation vary widely across studies, from as low as 7.1 percent to as high as 81.3 percent.”

Lexune’s actions are considered the main reason why many restraining orders fail. His refusal to cooperate is what ultimately led to Smith’s death.

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