‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: ‘Over The Top’ House Has Its Second Safety Ceremony, Nominees For Eviction Revealed

Big Brother spoilers from Sunday night, Oct. 2, include the second Safety Ceremony. On Big Brother: Over The Top, rather than doing a Nomination Ceremony, like during the CBS broadcasts, the online version of the show does a Safety Ceremony. Working in reverse, the Head of Household decides who is safe during the days leading up to the official Nomination Ceremony. The first Safety Ceremony was held earlier in the weekend, as covered in a previous report by the Inquisitr. Sunday night has seen a second Safety Ceremony, with a report coming from fan site Joker’s Updates.

Five houseguests found safety from HOH Monte Masongill earlier in the weekend. They were Neeley Jackson, Whitney Hogg, Cornbread Ligon, Morgan Willett, and Shane Chapman. Those houseguests would have a lot less stress heading into the Power of Veto Competition, which is coming up soon. In order to find out who is really in danger, though, Monte had to help host a second Safety Ceremony. That was just completed in the BBOTT house, revealing some more people who are now safe from eviction (for now).

These new Big Brother spoilers reveal that Alex Willett, Justin Duncan, Scott Dennis, Kryssie Ridolfi, and Shelby Stockton are all safe now. Monte Masongill decided to protect these five houseguests as well, slimming the group down to two nominees who face the chance of getting evicted on Wednesday, October 5. By default, this makes the Week 1 nominees Jason Roy and Danielle Lickey. Both houseguests will get an opportunity to save themselves during the Power of Veto Competition on Monday afternoon, Oct. 3.

Jason Roy already knew that Monte Masongill wasn’t going to save him, so he was sitting outside smoking while the other houseguests were waiting to find out the news. It appears that being a returning houseguest has served as a huge disadvantage to Jason, but his game isn’t done yet. The easy path ahead of him is for Jason to win the Power of Veto, and then take himself off the block. That would force Monte to come up with a new nominee before the upcoming Eviction Ceremony takes place.

There is also a chance that the BBOTT house could shake things up based on what America decides to do in the next 24 hours. America now decides on a third nominee for eviction, with all subscribers to the online live feeds getting a vote. This is a way that the fans could shake up what has been taking place in the game. It will certainly lead to intriguing Big Brother spoilers when those results are announced by host Julie Chen. It also guarantees that someone who the fans don’t like will eventually be on the block.

The houseguest most at risk of getting evicted this week is Jason Roy. For fans watching the BBOTT house on the live feeds who want to keep him in the game, it will require voting for someone who is in an alliance with Head of Household Monte Masongill. A possible answer is Cornbread Ligon or Shane Chapman, as that would give people working with Jason a chance to vote out someone else at the Eviction Ceremony. Now America and the houseguests will have to wait until the next round of Big Brother spoilers come out on Monday, Oct. 3.

Fans who want to read more about the Big Brother: Over The Top schedule and which events take place can read about it in a previous report by the Inquisitr.

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