Pope Francis Urges Catholics To Vote With Their Conscience In November

Pope Francis has revealed his position on the American Presidential election. Rather than endorsing any single candidate, he sent a message out to Catholic voters, urging them to “vote with their conscience” and to study the candidates closely. In addition, he offered to pray for the country as the election draws near.

Pope Francis was on his way home from Azerbaijan, where he met with the country’s leaders, when he was asked who he endorses for the presidency. Rather than simply choose a candidate and potentially guide the hand of Catholic voters, Pope Francis offered some friendly words of advice to the voters, according to CBS News.

“I’ll just say this: Study the proposals well, pray, and choose in conscience.”

When asked why he would not interfere with the election by offering his endorsement of a candidate, he simply replied that it is up to the Americans to decide, based upon their sovereignty.

“The people are sovereign.”

When asked more about his views on the political status of the United States, Pope Francis chose his words carefully, hinting that maybe the country is too “politicized,” without implementing a political culture within the borders, according to the National Catholic Reporter.

“When it happens that in a country, any country, there are two or three or four candidates that do not satisfy everyone, it means that the political life of that country maybe is too politicized. It is one of the works of the church… to teach about having a political culture,” he continued. “There I countries — I think of Latin America — that are too politicized but they do not have a political culture.”

Pope Francis did not elaborate further on his stance, but it is assumed that he has chosen to remain neutral in the endorsement so his interaction with the elected official is smoother when the time comes. He understands that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not the only candidates running for president and that the presidency is up for grabs this year due to the scandals surrounding both front running candidates.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, Pope Francis hopes to work with the new president to coerce peace across the world and implement policies of faith-based integrity, rather than dwell on controversial methodologies of management.

For people of many faiths, the struggle between choosing a presidential candidate that matches one’s own beliefs and faith and one that may be the best moral match for the country has been difficult. However, many wonder if there is hidden meaning in Pope Francis’ message to the Catholic People.

Recent rumors claimed that Pope Francis was endorsing Donald Trump. However, his comments regarding the disgraceful act of building a wall to keep immigrants out of the United States being unchristian seem to have discounted that rumor. Trump responded, claiming that a religious leader questioning an individual’s faith is a horrible practice to follow, revealing that there may be tension between Pope Francis and Donald Trump. However, there has been no mention of Pope Francis’ thoughts on Clinton’s policies.

Christians are expected to reveal their translation of Pope Francis’ message when they turn out to vote. Although their translation may never be made public, they can find peace knowing that they voted with their faith, regardless of the final outcome.

How do you translate Pope Francis’ statement? Do you feel he supports Trump or Clinton, or possibly another candidate?

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