Julian Wallace: MMA Fighter ‘Julz The Jackal’ Convicted For Choking Fiance Jessy Jess Because ‘She Brought The Wrong Noodles’

Julian Wallace, a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter currently competing in Xtreme Fighting Championships (XFC), was convicted for choking his fiance, fellow MMA fighter Jessica-Rose Clark, better known as “Jessy Jess.” The reason for why “Julz the Jackal’ choked Jess? She bought the wrong noodles.

According to an article written by The Daily Mail, it reports that Julian Wallace, the 28-year-old MMA fighter, pleaded guilty in a Newtown Local Court last week for one account of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one count of intentionally choking with recklessness. Jessy Jess opened up revealing she was thankful it happened to her because if Wallace’s assault happened to another who was not a trained fighter, they could have been hurt more.

Julian Wallace, Jessy Jess, MMA

The night the assault happened, Jessy Jess arrived home late by 15 minutes from work because she stopped someplace to get Julian Wallace some dinner. When Jess came home with something different from what Wallace wanted, he got angry. He grabbed Jess’ bag and pulled a t-shirt from it accusing her of infidelity than kicked Jess in the head while wearing heavy Timberland boots. Wallace than demanded Jess’ engagement ring back threatening to break her fingers if she did not give it to him. Jess tried to get out of the apartment packing her things to leave but Wallace followed her. Things became more violent when Wallace hit Jess in the face, threw her on the bed, and applied pressure to her face and neck.

Jessy Jess was able to escape but Julian Wallace pursued her, kneeing her in the ribs, and dropping her to the ground before choking her. At that moment, Jess thought it was over, as shown in a statement she provided pertaining to the assault.

“I kept tapping him on the arm because I could feel that I was going to lose consciousness; he pulled tighter and I thought that would be the end.”

Fortunately for her, Jessy Jess was able to escape. She connected a kick to Julian Wallace’s head knocking him out. Jess than called police authorities who showed up, cuffed Wallace, and took him to the Newtown Police Station.

War Machine, Stephen Cervantes, MMA
Both Jonathan Koppenhaver, better known as War Machine, and Stephen Cervantes -- both MMA fighters -- were arrested for sexual assault charges. [Images by Simi Valley Police Department/Getty Images and Albuquerque Police Department]

The situation pertaining to Julian Wallace and Jessy Jess is just the latest in numerous cases in which MMA fighters are caught assaulting other people, specifically women, whether it include sexual assault or not. Back in 2014, War Machine was arrested and found guilty for brutally assaulting his girlfrend, adult film star Christy Mack. Two months ago, Stephen Cervantes was arrested on sexual assault charges too. And just recently, Rodolfo Ramirez was recently arrested for multiple counts of sexual assault of an unconscious woman.

Since the incident, Jessy Jess has now moved to the United States to further her career in MMA. She even made her debut in a major MMA promotion, Invicta Fighting Championship (Invicta FC), when she fought Pannie Kianzad. Unfortunately, her premier did not end well as she lost via unanimous decision. However, Jess’ latest fight was a winning effort as she won via unanimous decision against Janay Harding at Eternal MMA (EMMA) event, EMMA — Eternal MMA 19.

As for Julian Wallace, the justice system is taking into account that he pleaded guilty for the two charges mentioned earlier. He will be sentenced sometime in December for his crimes.

[Featured Image by Julian Wallace’s Instagram]