WWE News: John Cena Optimistic On Vince McMahon Bringing Back CM Punk

If anybody knows Vince McMahon, it’s John Cena. The 14-year veteran and 15-time WWE champion has carried the company on his back many times and is a future WWE Hall of Fame entrant. Cena has sold out shows, sold millions of t-shirts, and brought the entertainment world into the universe of the WWE. He was the Rock’s replacement and hasn’t missed a step. His interest in daytime television and movies gave the WWE knew fans and adoration.

What he’s done for McMahon is not only lined pocket books, but rather gave the WWE relevance and that star he needed to make the WWE a must-watch product on a weekly basis. It was nearly unthinkable that someone could come in and replace the attitude Stone Cold Steve Austin or the Rock brought. Those two are some of the best WWE superstars of all-time. Their names are synonymous with success and money. They were Vince McMahon’s golden children. Cena cemented his name on that list years ago.

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He’s never been short of a comment that turned the heads of WWE fans. On multiple occasions, he’s answered the question that has escaped him for nearly seven years. John Cena has responded to the heel comments, which is nearly taboo to WWE fans. He’s always been a babyface that reminds many fans of Hulk Hogan in the 1980s for the WWE. The Rock was a heel and so was Stone Cold Steve Austin, which is what helped make them iconic figures.

Cena has always remained different. That makes him a superstar in his own right. He’s had memorable rivalries with multiple WWE stars, but one feud brought out the best in Cena like no other. CM Punk is arguably Cena’s best opponent, even though he only beat the Voices of the Voiceless one time. Punk quit the company in 2014, but could he return? John Cena spoke to TMZ and believes that Vince McMahon could bring back CM Punk to the WWE because he believes in doing what is best for business.

“If I know one thing about my boss Vince McMahon, he always does what’s good for business, if it’s good for business it will work out. The name in the question doesn’t matter about that, if it’s good for business it’ll work out.”

The WWE’s top star is absolutely correct. Vince McMahon has always done what is best for business. Even though it may not look like that on television consistently, the end result usually is positive for the WWE. Bringing back Punk is an easy decision, but it has to be mutual at the end of the day. If a guy like Cena can support it, then it’s easy for McMahon to give the go-ahead. Two prominent figures in WWE don’t care for Punk, and they are Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

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If they can forgive their opinions, then a CM Punk return is possible. Cena needs somebody big to feud with. His program with AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose won’t last much longer. Wrestling Inc. has a review of what Cena’s words about Ambrose were. And like it’s mentioned above, the West Newbury, Massachusetts-native didn’t hold back.

He is about to embark on a TV tapings session that will last a few months. Perhaps his time off won’t only include television dates. In a recent article by thet Inquisitr, Cena is wanted for a Marvel movie that is set to tape soon. The WWE will be without Cena once again. Luckily, Smackdown Live is doing very well. They don’t need Cena to survive, but within the next three years when it’s expected Cena will leave wrestling, CM Punk could add a lot to the WWE, and Cena’s career.

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