The iPhone 7 Has The Worst Battery Life Compared To Competition: Report

Rahul Srinivas

It's been just a few weeks since Apple released its newest iPhone models and it is quite plausible that you might have already read most of the reviews about the devices. Both the new iPhone models - the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, are arguably the best iPhones ever made by Apple. Both the devices feature cutting edge hardware, an awesome camera, most features any smartphone users would love to have, and a very reliable, stable operating system. However, there seems to be one area where people, consumers and reviewers alike, seem to agree on. The smaller screened iPhone - the iPhone 7 - has really poor battery life. And if we are to believe a recent study carried out by a UK based consumer group called "Which?" the iPhone 7 has the worst battery performance when compared to its contemporaries.

Anyway, coming back to the performances of each of the devices, the first test that they did was to check how long each of the phones lasted when used for calls. The iPhone offered a very decent sounding 712 minutes of call-time. However, this is nearly half of what the Samsung Galaxy S7 had on offer (it got 1,492 minutes)! The best performer among these four handsets was the HTC 10 which offered an incredible 1,859 minutes of call time. The LG G5, famous for its modular battery, also did well offering 1,579 minutes of call time.

Moving on to internet browsing on 3G, all the devices offered much lesser usage time. However, the iPhone came last in this test as well. Leading the charts again, and offering over 790 minutes of 3G usage time, was the HTC 10. The HTC was followed by the Samsung Galaxy S7 which gave 677 minutes of 3G usage. The LG G5 came third after offering 640 minutes of 3G usage. The iPhone 7 came last and offered 615 minutes of 3G usage. While the difference doesn't sound that huge in this case, it still doesn't make a pretty reading for Apple, the publication notes.

Do you own an iPhone 7? Is the battery life really as terrible as this report made it out to be?

[Featured Image by Pixabay]