Nine-Year-Old College Genius Vows To Prove God Exists

At the age of nine, William Maillis has already accomplished more than other kids his age by being accepted into college. Achieving his goal of graduating with a degree that will ensure his spot with a career as an astrophysicist is another lofty achievement that he aims to reach. However, proving the existence of God is his real goal after graduating from college.

William Maillis is already researching his final thesis that has taken him down the path of how the universe was created and will hopefully end with the revelation that God is real and does exist.

Hailing from Penn Township, Pennsylvania, Maillis hopes to finally prove to everyone that God is not an imaginary character in a book, but a real life deity.

“I want to prove to everybody that God does exist.”

According to Metro, Maillis hopes to prove God’s existence by proving that the Universe could not have been created without the assistance of an outside force. As such, he will have proven in God’s existence, which could lead to his next research topic, who is God?

According to Maillis’ parents, he has been quite smart since birth. At the young age of only six months old, William was able to identify numbers and could speak in complete sentences without the aid of baby talk or broken English. At two-years-old, he could write, read, and complete math problems as advanced as his multiplication tables. When he was four, he was already fluent in the Greek language. At five, he managed to master geometry.

Now, at only nine-years-old, Maillis is attending the Community College of Allegheny County. He plans on moving to a university after graduation.

According to Maillis’ history teacher, William does not take notes, but instead focuses on the lectures, listens to what is said, and seems to absorb the material in a way that he as never seen before.

Despite being the youngest in his college class, Maillis is doing quite well and is excelling in all of his subjects. He has not allowed his young age to hold him back or impact his self-esteem. Instead, he is using the opportunity to show that an individual can do whatever they set their mind to, and he is doing it.


At first, Maillis was approached often about being the youngest in his college classes. Although it was a distraction, he claims that he has become accustomed to the attention, but would rather spend his time working on his degree and research.

Throughout his studies, Maillis has found that he disagrees with the theories of esteemed greats such as Einstein and Stephen Hawking, claiming their research on black holes is flawed. Someday, after he proves God does exist, he thinks he might spend some time researching black holes and give insight on what they are really about.

Peter Maillis, his father, is a Greek Orthodox priest. Rather than prevent William from reaching out for his goals and passions, he offers simple advice that cheers his son on.

“I tell him, ‘God gave you a gift. The worst thing would be to reject that gift and not use it for the betterment of the world.”

As Maillis continues his studies, he is aware that the research findings may guide him in a direction differing from his current hypothesis and theories. However, he is willing to adjust his research based on the facts, hoping to remove all bias from his final revelation.

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