‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Spoilers: Jon Snow Marries And Devin Oliver Joins ‘GoT’ Cast?

Game of Thrones fans still have a long wait for GoT Season 7, but the latest rumors surrounding Game of Thrones’ penultimate season include a very unexpected marriage for Jon Snow and the addition of Devin Oliver to the GoT cast as an important player in current events, even though his character died long before the beginning of the series. Just in case you didn’t pay attention to that headline, potential Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers follow.

Will GoT Start A New Family Affair?

Not only are rumors circulating for an impending marriage for Jon Snow, but for yet another marriage for poor Sansa Stark. In fact, brace yourselves, because the latest rumor is that Jon and Sansa will marry each other. Game of Thrones fans may protest, noting that even though viewers discovered they don’t share the same father after all, they’ve still been raised as brother and sister, and they are cousins through Jon Snow’s mother. That’s already more branches than the Lannister family tree, not that the Lannisters should be held up as an example for anyone. However, it separates Jon and Sansa enough one can argue they should form a somewhat deeper alliance after retaking Winterfell, their ancestral home with Ned and Catelyn Stark (Sean Bean and Michelle Fairley).

And to really get to the heart of the matter, doesn’t Sansa Stark deserve a break after being engaged to the sadistic King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) and married to the even more sadistic Ramsey Bolton (Iwan Rheon)? That girl seriously needs a break, if you ask any Game of Thrones fan.

Game of Thrones spoilers: Will Sansa betray Jon Snow in Season 7?

One video blogger and Game of Thrones analyst thinks it’s a great and likely match, and his theory is picking up steam. Alt Shift X noted some parallels between the Game of Thrones TV show and the book series, including a pattern of suitors that indicates that Sansa’s final match will be a Targaryen. Given that Jon Snow is the only male Targaryen left — or known male Targaryen left — that leaves him. The blogger also notes that marriages between cousins are not uncommon in Westeros, and a rough draft of the books included a romantic relationship between Snow and Arya Stark (Maisie Williams.) That indicates that the new King of the North marrying one of Ned Stark’s daughters is not out of the question.

A little weird, perhaps, but possible, and no weirder than some of the marriages on GoT.

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Not only will some GoT fans protest the possibility of a Sansa and Snow marriage because of family ties, but many Game of Thrones fans are set on Kit Harington’s character ending up with Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), creating a metaphorical “song of ice and fire.” Note he is related to both potential spouses.

On the other hand, some Game of Thrones viewers seem to agree that it would be a great match, given that Jon Snow/Sansa Stark fan-fiction already exists on the internet. Regardless of whether you’re #TeamDaenerys or #TeamSansa, the theory is a little complex and full of details from the books, but Alt Shift X sums it up pretty well in this YouTube video.

Has Devin Oliver Been Cast As Rhaegar Targaryen In Game Of Thrones Season 7?

Hollywood Life reports that singer Devin Oliver has been cast to play Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Snow’s real father. Barring another dark magic resurrection ala Jon Snow, the character will obviously be introduced in flashbacks. Fans of both Oliver and Game of Thrones responded enthusiastically to the singer teasing his appearance on the huge hit series in a photo on his Instagram.

“I may or may not have made an appearance in Game Of Thrones season 7.”

Oliver looks more like one of the elves from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, similar to Orlando Bloom’s character bow and arrow-wielding elf.

Game of Thrones Fan Questions

  • What is the Game of Thrones season 7 release date? Instead of the usual April release for new seasons, HBO will release Game of Thrones Season 7 sometime in the summer of 2017, according to Independent, with no firm date set as of this writing.
  • Is there a Sophie Turner body double? Sophie has a stunt double who has been photographed on set in costume, but there is no confirmation of nude scenes or body doubles if there are.
  • What about Sansa Stark and Petyr Baelish? After being engaged to and married to two of the worst men in history, would you want to take up with a sleazy pimp who convinced you to marry a monster and betrayed your father?
  • Is there a Kit Harington Tumblr? By him, no. But a million fan Tumblr pages because that Jon Snow/Kit Harington is so dreamy.
  • Can I vote for Jon Snow for president? While he is probably our best option and winter is coming for us all, sorry, he’s not on the ballot.

What do you think of the possibility of a Jon Snow and Sansa Stark marriage? Comment below.

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