Man Sentenced To 24 Weeks In Jail For Feeding Dog ‘Cocaine And Cutting Off Ears’

Christopher Matthew Griffiths, 34, of Wrexham, Wales was sentenced to 24 weeks in jail for feeding his pet dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier named Victor, cocaine and cutting off his ears with pliers and scissors, according to the Mirror.

On September 22, 2015, police officials were alerted that a dog was found with its ears cut off with “significant amounts of blood” at Crescent Close, Crescent Road.

Several individuals with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty were immediately dispatched to the scene, and they transported the dog to an “independent vet for emergency treatment.”

The dog was “subsequently given surgery and his ears were stitched up and by November his ears had healed. His urine was also checked at the vets, and it tested positive for cocaine,” according to RSPCA.

It was later uncovered that the dog’s name was Victor, and he belonged to Griffith, who officials say was responsible for cutting off the dogs ears and feeding him the cocaine.

Griffith was arrested on charges of “causing unnecessary suffering and carrying out a prohibited procedure.” A jury found the dog’s owner guilty of “causing unnecessary suffering and carrying out a prohibited procedure to Victor” in May of this year.

Victor’s owner appeared in court Wednesday, September 28, where the judge sentenced Griffith to 24 weeks in jail and stated that he is “disqualified him from owning dogs for 10 years.”

District Judge Gwyn Jones was quite upset with the actions of the defendant, as indicated by his comments.

“It is clear this was a deliberate and planned operation which would have taken some time to execute. No one will ever know how much pain Victor suffered.”

“A considerable amount of force had to be used to cut the cartilage.”

“It is clear that you ignored the obvious pain Victor was in and it was planned because you drugged the dog in advance.”

“The injuries could have easily become infected had it not been for the intervention of the RSPCA and Victor could have come to further harm or even death.”

After learning Griffith fed his dog cocaine and cut off his ears with pliers and scissors, it shocked the community.

Some stated that he might have cut off the dogs ears to prepare him for fighting. “This is commonly done as the ears give the other dog something to grab hold of and I really wish I did not possess any of this information,” said a Facebook user.


“I had several phone conversations with police officers where both myself and the officer were in tears at the state of an abandoned dog and of course you cannot make a family pet of them, they have to be destroyed. Using dogs for fighting should carry a very severe penalty.”

RSPCA inspector Kia Thomas stated, “When I first saw Victor I was just so shocked as his ears were gaping open wounds. I had never seen anything quite like it before. It must have been so painful for him. It was just so heart-breaking. It is awful to imagine what poor Victor went through. It was totally unnecessary.”

Thomas added, “Since Victor has been in our care he has been doing so well. He is an adorable dog with a lot of love to give. He loves nothing more than to be in your company and loves to play catch on the sofa. He is now up for a new home and we hope he will find his forever home soon.”

In a Facebook post, the RSPCA wrote that Victor is “ready for a new beginning.” The post added that they “are delighted to say he recovered and is now looking for a new home.”

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