Amy Poehler to Launch Digital Show on ‘Smart Girls at The Party’

Digital media company On Networks (ON) is launching an original series aimed at young girls called Smart Girls at the Party. The show is created by and stars Amy Poehler of Saturday Night Live fame. Joining her is Meredith Walker, head of talent for SNL, and recording artist Amy Miles.

Smart Girls at the Party celebrates young girls who are changing the world by being themselves. The show aims to help girls find confidence in their own aspirations and talents. In each episode, Amy Poehler interviews a girl with a unique talent, community interest or point of view. The conversation ranges from the serious to the hilarious. Girls offer witty truths and show that you don’t have to be famous to be interesting or to make a difference in the world.

On Networks plans to launch the first season of Smart Girls at the Party in October. All episodes will be available to watch or download exclusively through ON’s AllScreen syndication partners, including iTunes, Adobe Media Player, and a set of targeted Website, digital TV and mobile partners.