‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: First Safety Ceremony Complete, America Gets Important Vote In ‘BBOTT’ House

Big Brother: Over The Top spoilers now include the first Safety Ceremony. The BBOTT house has been live since Wednesday evening (Sept. 28), when the 13 houseguests entered the competition. A change in format for the reality competition show has made nearly everything available to online subscribers. The live feeds have seen a lot take place already, including former houseguest Jason Roy returning to the game. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates shows who might be in danger of eviction this week.

The first Head of Household is Monte Massongill, who became the winner of a challenge that took nearly 24 hours to complete. Shane Chapman became “infected” with a bug that he then had to pass to another houseguest. That person then became “infected” and had to pick someone else on their turn. When there was one person left who had not been “infected,” that person was named the HOH. It was down to Whitney Hogg, Alex Willett, and Monte Massongill before the final decision was made.

As for some of the latest Big Brother: Over The Top spoilers, Monte had to select five people who would be protected from eviction at the first Safety Ceremony. Rather than a typical Nomination Ceremony that is done in the broadcast version of the show, the HOH now routinely adds people to the list of safe houseguests. Monte will choose another group as well, leaving two nominees of his choosing as well as one nominee from America. Those three will be at risk during the first BBOTT Eviction Ceremony.

So who did Monte Masongill decide to protect at the first Safety Ceremony? Monte saved Neeley Jackson, Whitney Hogg, Cornbread Ligon, Morgan Willett, and Shane Chapman. Yes, there is really a houseguest who wants to be called Cornbread this season. Those five houseguests are safe from eviction this week, but could still participate in the upcoming Veto Ceremony if chosen to do so. The way houseguests learned about safety was that each one was givien a necklace that would light up once Monte had given them safety from the HOH room.

On Sunday evening (Oct. 2), more houseguests will receive safety from Monte and America’s Nominee Vote will open. America will get to vote on who joins the two nominees on the block, putting an interesting twist into how things progress this fall. Only subscribers of the live online feeds will be able to place a vote, so it’s an incentive for users to pay the fees to keep watching. This could lead to some very intriguing Big Brother: Over The Top spoilers, because it will show how the audience is reacting to the current cast.

There are a lot of things getting done differently with the producers trying to present a transparent installment to the fans. The BBOTT house is showing everything as it takes place, including how houseguests have to wait around while rules are explained about competitions or how ceremonies will run. It has been a different experience for the live feed subscribers, but it also allows more fan involvement than in the past. Some things stay the same, though, including blooming showmances, like the one between Shane Chapman and Danielle Lickey currently taking place.

Fans who want to read more about the Big Brother: Over The Top schedule and which events take place can read about it in a previous report by the Inquisitr.

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