Lindsay Lohan Has Finger Amputated In Freak Boating Accident

Lindsay Lohan can’t seem to keep clear of trouble. Just when it seems she has finally made a clean break from Egor Tarabasov and was returning to a good place in her life, a boating accident has left Lohan injured and in another kind of pain. The actress, who has been working on the Tiago Mesquita, The Shadow Within, reveals that she nearly lost her entire ring finger in a boating accident while vacationing with friends in Turkey. Lindsay shared the gory details with her Snapchat followers, along with a picture of the injured finger.

Lindsay Lohan Shares An Image Of Her Dismembered Finger

Lindsay Lohan, boating accident
Lindsay Lohan shares an image of her bandaged digit, following her boating accident. Image via Lindsay Lohan/Snapchat.

E! News reports that the boating accident occurred when Ms. Lohan was attempting to gather the boat’s ropes to help anchor the boat when her finger was caught up in the anchor. While Lindsay didn’t lose her whole finger, as she says she feared might have happened, a portion of her finger was amputated in the accident.

Luckily, Ms. Lohan reveals that the amputated finger was located and, following emergency surgery, was reattached.

“I almost lost my finger from the anchor. Well, I lost half my finger, thank goodness we found the piece of my finger…i just had surgery to fix it,” Lindsay captioned a Snapchat image of her bandaged ring finger. “It hurts so bad.”

Later, Ms. Lohan tried to make light of the injury, pointing to her inexperience with boating as the cause of the scary event.

“This is why I shouldn’t try to help get the rope to anchor the boat. I lost half of my finger,” Lohan tweeted about the incident.

Since sharing news of the accident and her injury, Ms. Lohan has received tremendous support from her fans, who have left comments of well-wishes for The Shadow Within actress.

Syrian Refugees Receive A Visit From Lindsay Lohan

Daily Mail reports that Lindsay Lohan wasn’t all play while visiting Turkey. The trip included business and charity obligations, as well as that fateful boating trip. The Shadow Within actress signed an advertising deal and also took time out to visit Syrian refugees, prior to relaxing on the ocean.

Lindsay attended a conference at Tarabya Hotel in Istanbul, where she was joined by Umit Akbulut, owner of the B4L company. The two negotiated and signed an advertising deal, which would allow B4L to use Lohan’s image in an advertising campaign. The signing of the deal was made public when Ms. Lohan joined Akbulut for a press conference.

Following the signing of that deal, Lindsay made a trip to visit the Syrian refugees staying in Turkey. She started her philanthropic duties by stopping by an Istanbul hospital and, on the following day, Lohan visited a migrant family from Aleppo, Syria. Lindsay shared the visit with her Instagram followers by uploading a picture of the Turkish flag.

“Let us start paying some attention,” Lohan captioned the image. “Start helping the Refugees in Syria, as promised.”

Lindsay also shared images of herself posing with the Syrian refugee family with whom she visited, standing with Mr. Hussein, the head of the family, and also cuddling with the youngest daughter, Heya.

“Meet the Hussein Family. The father, Mohammad, was injured severely in Aleppo and his wife left him and her three kids after they migrated to Turkey. The lovely girl is Heya (9) and her twin brother is Leys,” writes Lindsay Lohan in her post.

The Shadow Within actress also reported on the conditions in which the Syrian family was living in at the time of her visit, revealing that the family is living in squalor.

“The Sultanbeyli Municipality is covering their rent and kitchen expenses but the conditions of the house are very bad,” writes Lohan. “The older brother was not in the house with us because although he is 17, he had to work in order to take better care of his family.”

[Featured Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]