Donald Trump Yard Signs Stolen By Two Hispanic Men Who Also Filmed Themselves Beating Up A Woman

Donald Trump yard signs in Lemoore, California were being stolen by a pair of Hispanic men who also thought it’d be a good idea to film themselves partaking in the crime, and that’s not all. The video, which has been posted by the American Mirror, also shows one of the men hitting a female who was attempting to stop the theft of her yard sign.

The footage is actually two videos in one, as done by a witness who also was able to identify the criminals. At the beginning of the video, you hear a male saying, “They’re gonna fight, they’re gonna fight,” followed by a different scene of a front yard where you see a man hitting a woman repeatedly while she tries to fight him off. After that, it cuts to the inside of a car with the men filming themselves stealing Donald Trump yards signs out of front lawns while chanting, “F**k Donald Trump.”

The witness identified the thieves as Angel Mendoza and Rolando Vega. Mendoza took to social media to brag about his crimes, and when confronted about the woman who was hit, he wrote, “All he did was record a n***a sock a girl tf y’all brazy thinking it was me that smacked her,” which seems to suggest that it hadn’t been either Mendoza or Vega who punched the female.

Mendoza then tweets to his accomplice that “they” were tying to get Vega “caught up.” He also tweeted that he’d heard someone had brought the video of he and Vega stealing Donald Trump yard signs and assaulting a woman to the attention of the Lemoore police department. This didn’t seem to bother him, as he said he was going to leave the video up anyway. He follows this line of thought with four laughing emojis.

The American Mirror say that when they first published the article, Mendoza’s Twitter account was still active, though he’d changed his privacy settings so that non-followers could not see his tweets; at this point, it appears his account is no longer active.

“One of his allies jumped into the Twitter conversation, maturely accusing Trump supporters of being ‘gay.’

“‘F**k Donald Trump,’ wrote. ‘if you like him your (sic) gay,’ she said.

“The tweet she shared was captioned, ‘Let me just repost this cause f**k all you white people trippen,’ followed by several Mexican flag emojis.”

All the tweets the American Mirror featured in their article have been taken down, though they did save the screenshots before that happened.

Do you believe that this deserves to be a national headline?

Bizpac Review’s Scott Morefield put in his two cents about this specific situation along with how the media bias has been covering this year’s presidential candidates.

“Put it this way, if a group of white men recorded themselves driving around a black or Hispanic neighborhood beating up women and stealing Hillary Clinton signs, it would be the front-page headline of every national newspaper and the top story on every major news website. Of course, since the roles are reversed, this will barely be a blip on the radar.”

Morefield also mentioned another recent occurrence of violence directed at a Trump supporter, which he says also received minimal national news coverage.

This time, instead of a Donald Trump yard sign, this person was targeted for the hat he was wearing.

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters took down a young man who’d been sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat on Wednesday in El Cajon, California, as reported by RT. The ambush happened in the midst of a protest of the shooting death of Alfred Olango, a black man, by a police officer.

What makes this incident all the more tragic is that the victim, Feras Jabro, was supporting Black Lives Matter when some in the crowd decided to turn on him. He was not there to stir the pot, but rather was expressing his right to free speech.

“‘I was just assaulted,’ Jabro says into his own phone camera. ‘I am here to support the cause. I am not for any deaths. I am simply wearing a hat.'”

Jabro attempted to lose the naysayers in the crowd, but he ended up running from them before they knocked him down and started beating on him. Luckily, he escaped the melee before serious damage was done and managed to find a cop shortly after that.

Are Donald Trump yard signs and “Make America Great Again” hats deserving of such violence, and is such violence worthy of a national headline? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Mark Makela/Getty Images]