Kelly Osbourne Settles Battle Against Ozzy’s Mistress

Kelly Osbourne hasn’t handled news of Ozzy Osbourne’s infidelity with hairstylist Michelle Pugh as well as she might have and her acts, which have been described as bullying and public shaming, resulted in Pugh filing a lawsuit against Kelly. It now seems the issue has been settled, even if the emotions involved are still raw and embittered. Reports indicate that Ms. Osbourne has settled out of court with Michelle Pugh, who claimed that Kelly had bullied her via social media for monetary gain.

Kelly Osbourne And Michelle Pugh Settle Their Dispute

In Pugh’s lawsuit, Us Weekly reveals that tweets made by Kelly Osbourne publicly published the hairstylist’s phone number and also had cast Michelle in a harsh light, which, in turn, harmed her business. The comments made by Kelly were regarding Pugh’s affair with Ozzy Osbourne. Ms. Pugh also accused Kelly of using the news of the affair in a publicity stunt meant to promote her upcoming book, No F–king Secret.

Osbourne’s book is set for a 2017 release.

“I can tell you this, this has nothing to do with Kelly’s book or promotion of,” said a source close to Kelly Osbourne. “She signed to do a book three years ago and it was written prior to any of this happening.”

Court documents filed by Pugh revealed her side of the story, regarding the affair with Ozzy Osbourne. Michelle stated that Ozzy had been the one to initiate the relationship, which she describes as more than a mere fling. The two had been involved for four years and Michelle asserts in the documents that Ozzy’s split from Sharon Osbourne was due to finances, not the news of his infidelity.

Details of the settlement between Kelly Osbourne and Ms. Pugh are yet to be forthcoming.

Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Have “Worked It Out”

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Loudwire reports that Sharon Osbourne feels that she’s in a much better place with husband Ozzy now that they have gotten through this latest rough patch. Sharon was a guest on Conan recently, and Mr. O’Brien was eager to hear about the state of her relationship with the Black Sabbath rocker.

“You worked it out, obviously, you talked to him about it, you guys decided, okay, it’s fine,” asked Conan.

“It wasn’t as easy as that, no, it wasn’t, but we worked it out after I got him glasses and said, ‘My God, you do need glasses. Who would do that with that?’ He now wears very thick bifocals and he’s fine.”

All joking aside, Sharon later opened up about Ozzy’s addictions, revealing that it’s been troubling to have to deal with Mr. Osbourne’s habits, which includes addictions to alcohol and drugs, in addition to sex addiction. Sharon says the problem isn’t that he indulges, but that he over indulges and creates a greater problem for himself, as well as for his loved ones.

Previously, Ozzy has assured fans that he and Sharon are back on track and bonding again, following the backlash from his affair with Pugh. Osbourne adds that real life is nothing like the fairy tales told to children because there really is no happily ever after.

“‘And they both lived happily ever after…’ I’d like to find the person who wrote that and poke him in the eye with a stick. Some days it’s good, some days it’s terrible, some days you just drift apart for a while, but you get back on the horse,” Ozzy explained. “You make mistakes and you learn by your mistakes, I think.”

Sharon recently revealed that she had been hospitalized for depression and anxiety. Although Ms. Osbourne says her mental illness was not related to Ozzy’s affair, she does credit Osbourne and their son, Jack, for getting her treatment as quickly as possible. Sharon now says she’s in a good place emotionally and mentally, as well as feeling confident in her relationship with husband Ozzy Osbourne.

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