Worst ‘FIFA 17’ Rage Quit: Customer Smashes Store’s Xbox One

If you think you’ve seen rage quit, then this latest FIFA 17 meltdown is sure to top anyone’s list.

FIFA’s 17th installment, FIFA 17, finally hits PC, Xbox, and PlayStation units all over the world. FIFA 17 is the first in the series to use the Frostbite game engine, proudly presented by EA Games. The Frostbite game engine allowed FIFA 17 devs to develop lots of new features for FIFA 17, which were previously impossible with the older engine. These new features are putting a lot of FIFA fans at the edge of their seats, already squandering away hours of gameplay on their platforms of choice.

FIFA 17 brings a whole new lot of features--and frustrations
FIFA 17 brings a whole new lot of features--and frustrations [Photo via EA Sports]

If you’ve played FIFA before, you’re surely not oblivious to the many frustrations one can come across with throughout the game. Certain plays in Campaign could already put you in quite a pinch in FIFA 17 but Versus mode can really spark that competitiveness and frustration sleeping inside every passive gamer–or sometimes, ignite quite a fire in the most passionate ones.

This time around, FIFA 17 brings us another fan rage quit and this one is just right to commemorate its release. Daily Mail UKbrings us this FIFA 17 news all the way from a quaint little Game-on store in Bradford, England.

The owner of the store, Azeem Hussain, is yet another gamer excited for the release of FIFA 17 and when it finally came, what better way to enjoy it than playing a harmless match with a beloved store regular? Hussein is known to enjoy a few games with his customers in his store so running a quick FIFA 17 match was supposedly just another regular day for the gamer-slash-businessman.

Hussain, playing Barcelona, was enjoying a match with a store regular (who reports have left unnamed), who was then playing Real Madrid. While taunting and swear words are usually part of heated competitive play, The Mirror reports that it was only too quick for the customer to turn sour and use foul language as Hussain (also known as Jimmy to his regulars) raced to a 2-0 lead.

The FIFA 17 game between the store owner and the customer continues, and Hussain finally drives home another goal with FUT star Lionel Messi, bringing the score to 3-0. Around this time is when things escalate really quick.

It’s only a game! Angry customer destroys an Xbox One in store after losing on FIFA 17 – Daily Mail https://t.co/Jl7EVofmAw

— Ken Microsoftee (@XboxFloat) September 30, 2016

Maybe deeming that foul words are not enough to convey his frustrations, right when Hussain drives the 3-0 goal, the customer then rips the Xbox One console from the plug, smashes it in to the ground, proceeds to stomping on it just to drive his angry message home, and then walks out of the store. And to add salt to the injury, he even comes back to the store a few moments later to pick up the drink he forgot.

View the video of the encounter from the Daily Mail.

Hussain says that rage quits are familiar territory to him, but the way his customer reacted this time was a first in the 13 years that he ran Game-on.

“I was gobsmacked. But I understand the Rage FIFA can cause, I am guilty of smashing a few controllers myself. I play my customers regularly. Nobody has ever reacted like that before.”

The store owner confirmed that the unfortunate FIFA 17 incident left the Xbox One ruined beyond repair. He also tells the Sun that his customer has come back to apologize for his behavior. Our theory is that the unruly behavior was a mixture of FIFA 17-induced frustration and a little alcohol magic.

“He’s been in and apologised. He didn’t have the money to pay for it but I let it slide. However, he isn’t ever playing FIFA in the store again.”

What a good man Mr. Hussain was. We just hope he doesn’t run into more not-so-friendly meltdowns on his store, FIFA 17-related or not.

FIFA 17 released last September 27 in North America and September 29 in other parts of the world. It is available now on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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