Even The Taliban Knows That Donald Trump Is Not Serious About Winning The Presidency

Other than Donald Trump, his campaign staff, and his supporters, not many Americans believe that the Republican nominee is worthy enough, or even serious enough, to be the next president of the United States.

One reason that American voters have reached this conclusion is Trump’s understanding (or lack of) foreign affairs or international relations. While he has continually boasted about his history of orchestrating successful deals as a business magnate, Trump’s statements about foreign policy matters have betrayed his inability to grasp with any seriousness the affairs that plague the rest of the world. Whenever Trump has been asked to shed his opinion on any important development in any part of the world, he has often responded with a knee-jerk reaction, which includes his plans to deal with threats such as the Taliban or ISIS.

In fact, Trump’s solution to the civil war that is raging in Syria and Iraq is to “bomb the hell out of ISIS,” his plans to compete with Chinese economy is to stop trading with them, and his solution to the immigrant problem is a blanket ban on all Muslims entering the United States. Trump believes building a wall across the entire length of American border with Mexico will curb the influx of illegal immigrants, and waterboarding terrorists will stop fundamentalist groups from considering America as their arch-enemy.

“When I’m in the White House, the leaders of ISIS are going to bear the brunt of the most vicious tweets the world has ever known. Of all the people running for President, I have by far the most Twitter-war experience. I will declare an all-out Twitter war on ISIS, and I will win,” Trump has previously said about how he plans to tackle ISIS, reports the New Yorker.

It is no wonder, then, that even the enemies that Donald Trump will face as the president of the United States consider him misinformed, if not outright imbecilic in his approach. Enemies of America believe Trump will make the country weaker. It is for this reason that ISIS wants Donald Trump to win the presidency. Back in August, the Inquisitr reported that the social media channels affiliated with ISIS proclaimed the number one priority of all jihadis should be to see to it that Trump becomes the next president of the United States.

An Islamic state proponent had gone on to proclaim, “the ‘facilitation’ of Trump’s arrival in the White House must be a priority for jihadists at any costs,” while another ISIS leader said that he hoped “Allah delivered America to Trump.”

And now, after having watched the first presidential debate, even the Taliban, the fundamentalist group responsible for displacing and butchering thousands of Afghani people, believes that Donald Trump is not serious about winning the presidency.

In an interview with NBC News, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that Donald Trump is a “non-serious candidate” who does not even think twice before making a statement.

“Trump… (says) anything that comes to his tongue. [He is] non-serious.”

Even the Taliban considers Trump a joke. [Image by Rahmat Gul/AP Images]

Mujahid went on to say that his group was keen to watch the first presidential debate, as it was expected to make clear both nominees’ plans on Afghanistan, but it did not do anything of the sort. But it helped the Taliban realize that Donald Trump was a candidate who had been wrongly catapulted into becoming a major-party nominee.

“There was nothing of interest to us in the debate as both of them said little about Afghanistan and their future plans for the country,” Mujahid said.

As bad as the last week might have been for Donald Trump, there is a bigger problem for the Republican candidate when even the Taliban considers him a joke.

[Featured Image by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images]