‘Narcos’ Season 3 Goes Deeper Into Colombia After Pablo Escobar

Narcos Season 3 is not replacing Pablo Escobar. Rather, the series is going to be a sequel in Colombia exploring where the drug trade went after the Medellin Cartel’s reign.

The end of Season 2 teased a Cali Cartel arc, which will be very different from Pablo Escobar and his rebellious rule over the drug trade.

The showrunner, Eric Newman, who took over from creator Chris Brancato after the first season, went into some detail about what we can expect in Narcos Season 3 during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

It came as no surprise that Pablo Escobar dies at the end of Season 2 after an action-packed first season that went through about 15 years of the Colombian drug lord’s life. Wagner Moura, who portrayed Pablo Escobar, brought his character to his fateful conclusion when he was shot dead by Search Bloc.


The first thing to know about Narcos Season 3 is that the Cali Cartel operated very differently than Pablo Escobar. Rather than a one-man rule, the Cali Cartel is run by four men, three of which we have already seen in the series — brothers Gilberto and Miguel (Francisco Denis), and Pacho Herrera (Alberto Ammann). And then there is a fourth named “Chepe,” who is yet to be introduced and will make one of the new cast members in Narcos Season 3.


While it has not been confirmed, the Cali Cartel arc will probably last one season due to their short reign, and the showrunner teased a Narcos Season 4 in Mexico during his interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“Perhaps. I could talk a long time about the Mexican cartels and their story is fascinating, their origin stretching into today. Cali was the cartel that really utilized the smuggling routes through Mexico and the Mexican heroin smugglers who were already incredibly successful. They very much got the Mexicans into the cocaine business, so there is sort of a natural evolution there. As to whether or not I would move directly into Mexico, it’s certainly a possibility.”

With the ongoing drug war, it is unlikely that the Narcos showrunners will run out of material anytime soon. A move to the Mexican Cartel will open up new possibilities for the series, including a young El Chapo Guzman who gained notoriety as a powerful Mexican drug lord and escaped from prison twice.

There are not many confirmed spoilers for Narcos Season 3. However, the Cali Cartel’s activities were well documented. However, the show will also introduce facts that are not easily found on the internet and bring many unknown characters in the Colombia drug world to life.

Narcos Season 3 may also take a political turn and step back from the extreme violence perpetrated during Pablo Escobar’s drug reign. The Cali Cartel were much more political, and the showrunner discussed some of the key differences between the two powerful drug lords.

“Unlike Escobar, who had positioned himself as an outlaw, Cali was very much a part of the system. They had bought their way in and they enjoyed a different kind of protection than Pablo did. Pablo was protected by the people who loved him and Cali was protected by a political and economic system that they had rather ingeniously built. It’s a different kind of villain. While Escobar was a single-cell organism, they were a complex, multi-celled organism.”


Javier Pena is all but confirmed to be returning, while it is unclear whether Steve Murphy, who is played by Boyd Holbrook, will be returning. Holbrook also serves as the narrator. However, Steve Murphy was a real DEA agent and may not have returned to Colombia to take down the Cali Carter in real life.

The showrunner confirmed that there will be a lot of new cast members as well as some old ones returning.

Narcos Season 3 release date is yet to be announced.

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