October 4, 2016
'Jurassic World 2' Going To Show New Creatures, Confirms Colin Trevorrow

The upcoming Jurassic World 2 is in its early stage of production. According to recent revelation from sequel's executive producer/co-writer Colin Trevorrow (who directed Jurassic World), it looks like the most-awaited adventure film is going to bring new creatures.

During his recent conversation with Jurassic Outpost, Trevorrow revealed that Jurassic World 2 is going to be more suspenseful and scarier than the earlier films in the franchise. The Star Wars: Episode IX director further stated that the entire film is built around Juan Antonio Bayona's skill set.

J. A. Bayona got his worldwide recognition from The Orphanage and it will definitely be interesting to see how he will be applying his abilities to create horror.

Fans of Jurassic World 2 will be happy to know that the upcoming movie is going to have more animatronics than the original trilogy.

Animatronics is a multi-disciplinary field that integrates robotics, puppetry, anatomy and mechatronics resulting in life-like animation.

The entire film industry has been a driving force in revolutionizing the technology that current engineers use in animatronics. It was first introduced by Disney in 1964's Mary Poppins which featured an animatronic bird. Ever since then, this field has been extensively used in films like E.T. and Jaws.

The 1993 release of Jurassic Park was among those feature films that used a combination of CGI and animatronics. According to American Cinematographer, the life-sized animatronic dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were built by Stan Winston and his team. Winston's T-Rex stood almost 6.1 meters and 12 meters in length.

After watching the dinosaurs on the big screen, many called Steven Spielberg's work breathtakingly — and terrifyingly — realistic.

So, one can understand why the fans were disappointed when they did not get to see this technology in Jurassic World.

Even Trevorrow has realized this and he further stated during his interview with Outpost that viewers are going to see many new creatures in the film.

"There will be animatronics for sure," he confirmed. "We'll follow the same general rule as all of the films in the franchise, which is the animatronic dinosaurs are best used when standing still or moving at the hips or the neck. They can't run or perform complex physical actions, and anything beyond that you go to animation. The same rules applied in Jurassic Park. I think the lack of animatronics in Jurassic World had more to do with the physicality of the Indominus, the way the animal moved. It was very fast and fluid, it ran a lot, and needed to move its arms and legs and neck and tail all at once. It wasn't a lumbering creature."

He also added that along with his team, they have written some good scenes that will help them to create some amazing and new creatures by using the technology.

When it was announced that Universal Studios is making Jurassic World 2, there were speculations that the new film in the series will show militarized dinosaurs. Trevorrow remarked that he liked this idea at the very beginning but as they started to go ahead during the screenplay, they realized that they cannot materialize this one.

"Derek and I, one of our first reactions was 'No if anyone's gonna militarize raptors that's what the bad guy does, he's insane.'"
This is not the first time Trevorrow has given us a glimpse of the film. During his earlier interview with the Playlist, he opened up about Bayona's take on the project and revealed that to write the film, he immersed himself in the world of Michael Crichton's novels.

"We're moving it into new territory. J.A. Bayona is an incredible director and I know he'll push the boundaries of what a Jurassic movie is. I think it's important that we take risks. A franchise must evolve or perish," he added.

Jurassic World 2 is set to release on June 22, 2018.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]