Omaha Teen Secretly Gives Birth, Throws Baby Out A Second-Floor Window

A newborn baby was thrown from an apartment window and died Friday morning after an Omaha, Nebraska, teen gave birth to the child.

According to KMTV, police say 16-year-old Antonia Lopez gave birth to a premature baby sometime before 4 a.m. Friday at the Kellom-Knolls Apartment complex.

Police continue to investigate the incident. The teen has been arrested and charged as an adult on one count of Felony Child Abuse Resulting in Death. She is currently being housed at the Douglas County Youth Center.

Horrific details emerged Friday after the baby’s death at the Omaha, Nebraska, apartment complex.

According to a press release posted to Twitter by Nichole Manna, after the teen gave birth alone in her bedroom, she threw the baby out of her bedroom window. She eventually told her mother what she had done and the mother immediately went down to try to save the baby.

The mom called 911 and began CPR.

When first responders arrived, they found Lopez’s mother holding the newborn and administering CPR. The paramedics continued to try to resuscitate the newborn and rushed the baby to CHI Creighton hospital, where it died, according to Lt. Mark Desler of the Omaha Police Department.

“The child was transported to Creighton University Medical Center, the child has died.”

According to ABC13, the family of the girl is in disbelief. The teen’s grandfather, John Barcelona, said he is in shock over the incident.

“It’s caught me by surprise. I just can’t believe it. Stunned.”

Barcelona said he saw his granddaughter on Wednesday and had no clue that she was pregnant.

“She looked like she was well underweight more than anything else, I would’ve never dreamed that she was pregnant. In my head, I just can’t believe it, I can’t believe it.”

The girl was also taken to the hospital for treatment, where she remains in fair but stable condition, according to KETV.

Late Friday morning, investigators could be seen through a window inside an apartment using flashlights to search for clues. On the ground below the second-story window were several police placing evidence markers.

Neighbors were also in shock, including neighbor Mark Nelson.

“It makes me feel very disturbed. Just looked like a normal family, normal neighbors, say hi, keep to their self.”

Neighbor Anthony Goode, 21, said he awoke to the sound of screaming.

When he looked out the window, he saw two women and a paramedic cradling a baby and walking towards an ambulance.

“I saw one (of the women) saying ‘my baby, my baby.’ It was terrifying.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, neighbors of the Nebraska teen mom have called their apartment complex quiet and peaceful, a place that is usually full of children playing outside and rarely the scene of any disturbances, domestic or otherwise.

“Very rarely do you hear any noise; no arguing or anything. No trouble or no disturbances.”

It’s unclear if the girl’s other family members knew if she was pregnant. Police say the investigation is ongoing and an autopsy has been scheduled.

[Featured Image by By Tex Texin from Blogosphere, Cyberspace/Wikimedia Commons]