The Man Who Questioned One Direction’s ‘Artistic Credibility’ Is Now Covering Their Songs

The world of One Direction is indeed a strange place. For years, One Direction fans have been trying to convince the wider public that One Direction are incredibly talented. The issue that One Direction has always faced is the view that they are a manufactured band, singing manufactured songs that will only appeal to 12-year-old girls. This view of One Direction is supported by much of the mainstream media, who are more interested in One Direction’s sex lives rather than their music.

The serious music press has largely ignored One Direction unless there was a whiff of scandal in the air. Of course, One Direction have had more than their fair share of critics from within the music industry. Noel Gallagher once said that One Direction were “five guys who won the lottery” and, as the Daily Mail reported, said that “fame is wasted on these c***s.” To be fair to Gallagher, he is at least consistent in his view, and One Direction are hardly unique in being slammed by him.


More recently, the Mirror was reporting that Matt Healy from the band The 1975 had One Direction in his sights. Healy questioned One Direction’s “artistic credibility” and described them as “four guys who queued up to sing for Simon Cowell.”

“Oh, well… they’re four guys who queued up outside an arena to sing in front of Simon Cowell. Do they really have any artistic credibility? That sounds like a mean thing to say, but it’s a good question. Like, do they?”

One Direction fans will be wondering how Healy feels about his own artistic credibility after The 1975 covered songs by Justin Bieber and One Direction. MTV reports that The 1975 tackled One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” on BBC Radio’s Live Lounge on Friday. What is more, it seems that Healy felt that he needed the support of the entire orchestra to tackle One Direction’s song.

Admittedly, One Direction did not write “What Makes You Beautiful,” but it was the song that launched them on their way to superstardom. MTV also remind us that Healy recently claimed that One Direction track “Change Your Ticket,” was a “rip-off” of The 1975’s “Girls.” Healy claims that he had to ask One Direction to “tone down” the guitar parts on “Change Your Ticket.”

“Listen guys, fill your boots, the song doesn’t sound that much like ‘Girls,’ but the guitar and the whole vibe of it is a complete lift. So take the guitars off, and we’re good.”

Given Healy’s less than complimentary comments about One Direction, fans will doubtless be wondering why The 1975 chose to cover a One Direction song. Many will feel that covering Justin Bieber and One Direction suggests that you don’t place a terribly high value on your own material.

Admittedly, Healy’s version of the One Direction song is very different from the original. One Direction’s version is an upbeat and joyful pop song. Healy turns “What Makes You Beautiful” into a darker and more introspective ballad.

According to NME, Healy told Radio 1 that he had found playing with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra a moving experience.

“I was crying today, at times. The orchestra really makes the ‘up moments’ more celebratory and the ‘down moments’ more introspective and melancholy. It’s the first time I’ve wanted to do another run through of a soundcheck. It was incredible.”

The video above shows The 1975 performing One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” What do you think of this version? Let us know in the comments below if you prefer The 1975 version of the song over the One Direction version. If you are a fan of The 1975, what do you think of them covering One Direction or Justin Bieber songs.

[Featured Image by Rob Grabowski/Invision/AP]