‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Bloody Character Portraits – Maggie And Carol’s Double Images May Mean Something [Spoilers]

In exactly three weeks, The Walking Dead Season 7 will premiere on AMC. As the date approaches, more spoilers and details are being released. The network has finally unveiled several character portraits, one set was created in ink while the other set is stained blood red. Also, there are two separate images of three different characters. Does this mean anything important?

TWD spoilers are below. If you prefer not to find out what could happen on the zombie apocalypse series, then do not continue reading.

According to AMC network’s press site, there are two different types of character portraits. As posted above, one set is in ink, which fans have seen in previous seasons. However, the most recent ones, which can be viewed below, are covered with blood. The images really remind viewers that lives are at stake. Not only will people die by Negan in The Walking Dead, but they will do so in horrific, brutal, and vicious ways.

In the bloody character portraits, there are more people that were photographed than just the main cast. One is Spencer Monroe, who is the son of the deceased character Deanna Monroe. He wasn’t seen too often last season, but fans might remember when Michonne followed him into the woods. It turns out he was there to kill his zombified mother.

Also seen in the blood-stained images are Dwight, a member of the Saviors and the person who stole Daryl Dixon’s crossbow and bike. Of course, Daryl got his belongings back, but not before Dwight used the crossbow to shoot Denise in the eye.

One more character with a bloody portrait is Negan. Even though his face peeks out from the huge splatter of red paint, he has a different expression than the rest. As expected, he is laughing gleefully.

Pay close attention to Abraham’s bloody portrait. There is a theory that Negan kills Abraham. Looking at the images, the dark shadows over Abraham’s face are considerably darker than the other characters. A few shades darker and his face wouldn’t be visible at all. Perhaps this is a clue of his fate in Season 7.

What should be noted is that some characters in The Walking Dead have two similar photos on the press site instead of just one. Normally, people could assume that it was just a technical glitch or a mistake by the individual uploading the pictures. However, these are not exact duplicates. They are similar, but on closer examination, the actors are in slightly different poses. The characters with two bloody character portraits are Carol Peletier, Maggie Greene, and Negan. Could this mean something significant?

In The Walking Dead comic books, Negan took women to be his wives. Yes, that is plural, as in a harem. Some fans say that Negan doesn’t kill women or children. However, others seem to recall at least one instance that Negan did murder a female.

Remember, even though the storyline is following the comics right now, it isn’t going to be exactly the same. Changes will be made. Is it possible that Carol and Maggie could die in TWD? It is known that Negan didn’t kill Carol in the season finale because she goes to the Kingdom and Ezekiel isn’t introduced until Season 7, Episode 3.

Another theory is that the multiple images indicate they will have powerful roles in Season 7. For example, Maggie could become a leader at the Hilltop Colony, like in Robert Kirkman’s comic books. With Carol’s issues last season and her arriving at the Kingdom when the show returns, maybe she will have an important story in Ezekiel’s community.

In addition to The Walking Dead Season 7 character portraits, several promo and sneak peek clips have been released. Some fans know well, such as the official trailer. Others are more recent and may provide additional clues on what to expect.

What do you think the extra character portraits of Maggie and Carol mean? What are your thoughts on Season 7? Find out what is going to happen when AMC airs new episodes of The Walking Dead on October 23.

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for AMC]