Watch Alec Baldwin Kill It In ‘SNL’ Premiere With Flawless Donald Trump Impersonation, Kate McKinnon As Hillary Clinton [Video]

On Oct. 1, 2016, Saturday Night Live (SNL) returned for Season 42 with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton. The two delivered a hilarious version of the first presidential debate that included all the jabs you’ve come to expect. You may watch the reenactment of the first presidential debate in the video player above. Be warned. If you are a Donald Trump fan, you might take offense at Alec Baldwin’s spot-on impersonation. USA Today reported that Tina Fey suggested Baldwin for the role.


The video immediately went viral and response on social media networks to the skit has been huge. Or as Donald Trump would say “yuge.” While some feel that all the negative jabs were aimed towards Trump, Kate McKinnon did her fair share of knocking Hillary Clinton off a pedestal. In fact, when McKinnon came out on the stage, she portrayed Clinton as coughing incessantly before breaking into a somersault and declaring she was ready for the debate. Though it goes without question that Alec Baldwin was the star of the skit and his Trump performance was spot-on and amazing. From his curled up lip, immovable hair and use of words like “Jina” instead of China, Baldwin embodied Trump’s mannerisms, dialects and outspoken nature.


In fact, one tweet declared that Alec Baldwin was more prepared as Trump than Trump was prepared for the debates!


Alec Baldwin walked to the podium in full Trump character, pointed to the audience and greeted the nation.

“Good evening America, I’m going to be so good tonight. I’m going to be so calm and so presidential that all of you watching are going to cream your jeans.”

The audience broke into laughter. Kate McKinnon spoke as Hillary before the camera turned back to Trump. Baldwin went into a quick spiel about American jobs leaving the country, then stated he remained calm and had won the debate. The laughs continued to flow as Baldwin continued to say outrageous things in the spirit of Donald Trump. Baldwin even included some of the sniffing gestures Trump exhibited during the real debate. Trump’s sniffing prompted many to theorize multiple reasons for the behavior. Baldwin’s character repeatedly blamed Hillary Clinton for many of his behaviors.


Kate McKinnon did an excellent impression of Hillary Clinton as she explained to the live audience why Donald Trump was unfit to be president.

“I mean, this man clearly is unfit to be Commander in Chief. I mean, he is a bully.”

No sooner did McKinnon describe Trump as a bully that Baldwin in Trump dialect interjected with the words “shut up.” When the moderator asked McKinnon if Clinton had better judgment than Trump, she broke into laughter. When Baldwin changed the topic to African Americans, McKinnon stood staring at him with her mouth gaping open. The similarities between the SNL skit and the actual debate are numerous and if you close your eyes and listen, you’ll quickly see how much McKinnon and Baldwin sound like their counterparts.


Though Donald Trump spent some time recently tweeting from his account, he’s yet to bring up the SNL skit. It’s unclear at this point if he watched the skit or not. Many people are watching Trump’s Twitter account for a response to Baldwin’s performance. It seemed nothing was off limits and Baldwin and McKinnon addressed the same issues that were discussed during the real debate.


It’s possible that Baldwin will continue to portray Trump on the new season as the response to his impersonation has been great. While a few people have responded negatively to the performance, stating that the show was biased against Trump, the overall response on social media has been positive.

Did you watch the SNL premiere? What did you think of Alec Baldwin’s performance? How about Kate McKinnon’s?

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